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Content Marketing

Planning Content

Plan and Organize A Persuasive Content Strategy

Manage content across calendars, personas, and sales stages.
When used strategically, content can be a very persuasive method for engaging and moving buyers through the sales stages. Planning a personalized experience that tailors messaging to the right audience and aligns with where they are in the buyer’s journey is critical to success.
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How do personas help marketers define a better content strategy?

Oracle Content Marketing brings prospect and customer profiles to life using personas. By creating an ideal digital customer profile for prospects by role, region, and interests, marketers can begin to build a content strategy for each stage of the sales funnel to maintain interest and engage buyers through the mediums they most prefer.

White Paper

The Future of Content Marketing

Content marketing is at a tipping point and top of mind. According to Econsultancy research, 77% of companies surveyed will increase their content marketing spend this year.


LifeSize Fills the Pipeline with a Persona-Based Content Strategy

LifeSize rebuilt their global corporate website and developed a modern content strategy.

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Lojas Colombo

Lojas Colombo Uses Marketing Automation to Boost Online Sales

After being dominant in Southern Brazil for more than 50 years, retailer Lojas Colombo wanted a partner to help them implement a marketing automation lifecycle program that would help expand its presence in the region.

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Thermo Fisher

Fisher Science Education Uses Marketing Automation to Grow Customer Base

Thermo Fisher Science Education used marketing automation to take a 10 year old print publication into the digital age.

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Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Content Marketing

Content marketing is driving how marketing organizations engage their audiences. But in our consumer-empowered world, it’s become more difficult for marketers to cut through clutter.


12 Awesome Content Marketing Ideas (That Aren't Blog Posts)

We’ve got 12 content marketing ideas to take your strategy beyond the blog post. Frame it as a quiz. Use Twitter as a Q&A. Explore different charts. And that’s just the first three.

marketing automation

Buyer's Guide: Evaluating Content Marketing Solutions

Many companies are turning to providers who can engineer a better content marketing process. Use this guide to identify the capabilities that will boost your content marketing results.