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Content Marketing

Collaboration and Workflows

Match Content Workflows to Business Processes 

Create, Collaborate and Manage Content with Workflows
Oracle Content Marketing has robust, built-in collaboration and workflow capabilities for creating all types of content. Marketers can customize specific workflows for each process and each workflow can include various steps in the process including creation, approval, and distribution.

Associate each individual step with a task that will map to one or more people allowing for easy interaction, communication, and collaboration between individuals or business units. Email notifications and in-app indicators help to keep teams aligned and working efficiently.
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What is a Workflow?

A workflow is a collection of tasks grouped by stage which may contain multiple tasks or just one. They can be automatically required based on an asset’s content type, category, publisher, or author.

What Workflow Tasks are made available for use within Oracle Content Marketing?
A workflow task is an action or event which is required in a particular stage of a workflow. There are several types of tasks available for use in Oracle Content Marketing’s Workflow Management framework including: Basic Tasks, Validation Tasks, Approval Tasks, Notifications, and e-Signatures.

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