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The End of Ownership Is Here


Drive new business models and enable recurring relationships to generate additional revenue from your goods and services. Oracle Subscription Management integrates front- and back-office processes on one, highly efficient platform.

Full Stack Solution

Full Stack Solution

Leverage seamless integration of front- and back-office processes on one, highly efficient platform.

Order Flexibility

Order Flexibility

Enable fixed and recurring orders. Support thousands of pricing, delivery, and billing models.

Revenue Recognition Rule Preservation

Revenue Recognition Rule Preservation

Maintain revenue recognition in your core ERP systems.

360-Degree Subscription

360-Degree Subscription

Provide customer data in one, comprehensive view to enable a complete understanding of subscription activity.

Explore Oracle Subscription Management


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Connect your order-to-revenue processes through a centralized solution.

  • Automate your recurring billing, payments, and revenue processes
  • Support thousands of models for pricing, delivery, and billing as well as multiple customer touchpoints
  • Maintain revenue recognition in your core ERP systems
  • Easily connect the various applications in your order-to-revenue ecosystem using Oracle's API-first platform


Easily manage subscriptions through sales, service, and ecommerce channels and allow customers to create, monitor, and alter subscriptions using any touchpoint.

Business teams can:
  • Select and price recurring products and set up contract terms and duration
  • Create coverage services for warranty and service plans
  • Create recurring and consumption-based billing for ERP
  • Modify and quote configurable subscriptions and mixed orders
Customers can:
  • Create, monitor, and alter their subscriptions using any touchpoint

Retain and Renew

Take advantage of a single, comprehensive customer view.

  • See a 360-degree view of your customer’s subscriptions and track the state of your business using real-time insights
  • Gain visibility across renewals, revenue, and at-risk customers
  • Track core KPIs including:
    - Monthly recurring revenue and total contract value
    - Average revenue per user
    - Churn rate
    - Customer lifetime value

What’s New in Subscription Management


See what's included with your monthly subscription.

Oracle Subscription Management Pricing

Billing Models

  • To best meet our customers’ unique requirements, Oracle offers two flexible subscription pricing models:
  • A price based on the number of subscription lines
  • A price based on a negotiated percentage of the gross merchandise value (GMV)