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Oracle Modern Best Practice—Service Requests

Service Requests
Deliver Fast Service Resolution

Service Request to Dispatch

The mobile, social, analytic, internet of things, and big data capabilities built into modern best practices have enabled organizations to improve customer satisfaction when repairs are made. Manage incident status more effectively by monitoring and interacting with your entire enterprise throughout the repair process. Take advantage of the cloud to securely handle repair requests and resolve issues quickly through social media channels. Use the following modern best practice as your roadmap to an optimal customer service experience.

Improved Service Request Processes

  • Easily handle service requests through multiple channels
  • Support mobile transactions
  • Empower agents with role-based dashboards
  • Improve agent productivity with drag and drop workflow design on dashboards

Receive Service Request
Receive Service Request icon Mobile. Social. Internet of Things.

Receive Service Request

Manage service requests from all channels (social, email, phone, etc.) for optimal routing and field technician assignments.

Manage Service Schedule
Manage Service Schedule icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Manage Service Schedule

Set priorities and assign engineers to perform repairs. Create and monitor repair schedules.

Perform Repair
Perform Repair icon Mobile. Social.

Perform Repair

Visit customer, inspect the item, and perform required fixes.

Record Part Usage
Record Part Usage icon Mobile. Analytics.

Record Part Usage

Report parts used for the onsite repairs and track the inventory status.

Create Service Order
Create Service Order icon Mobile.

Create Service Order

Enter orders for service rendered and settle any service charges.

Close Service Request
Close Service Request icon Mobile. Social. Big Data.

Close Service Request

Record customer confirmation.

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