Oracle Modern Best Practice—Opportunity to Forecast

Opportunity to Forecast
Improve Forecasting Accuracy

Opportunity to Forecast

The mobile, social, big data, cloud, and analytic capabilities built into modern best practice enable you to improve sales forecasting accuracy. Assign appropriate win probabilities to leads to create insight-driven forecasts. Use reality-based forecasting and submit baseline forecasts. Securely collaborate with your entire sale team via mobile and social media. Manage individual forecasts, rollup forecasts to different management levels, and submit final forecasts. Use the following modern best practice as your roadmap to optimize your sales organization for growth.

Streamlined, Data-Driven Sales Forecasting

  • Select customer and product attributes for building predictive models
  • Set up, manage, and train on predictive models
  • Set up rule-based dashboards for business or knowledge attributes not inherent in the data
  • Analyze the performance of prediction models using inbuilt reports, such as leads adoption and attribute correlation
  • Improving the accuracy of prediction by retaining models when the underlying data changes
  • Mobile accessibility and productivity
  • Forecast submission
  • Real-time analytics

Submit Baseline
Submit Baseline  icon Mobile. Big Data.

Submit Baseline

Review opportunities on dashboard. View changes and create baseline.

Rollup Final Forecast
Rollup Final Forecast icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Rollup Final Forecast

Create rollup/pyramid forecasts for product groups, categories, and divisions.

Submit Final Forecast
Submit Final Forecast icon Mobile. Analytics. Social.

Submit Final Forecast

Complete activities and submit final forecast.