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Industry Marketing

Oracle Marketing Cloud for Student Engagement

Modern Students. Modern Engagement.

Modern Marketers in higher education create 1:1 personal connections to ensure a consistent and synchronized experience throughout the student lifecycle. And these marketers know that the path to lifelong loyalty is through deeper, more personalized student relationships. At Oracle, we believe that the best way to achieve this desired outcome is through enterprise-ready integrated solutions—so you can unite disparate data across different systems into a single source to orchestrate individualized student experiences across multiple channels.

Aggregate data for personal engagement.
Using data-driven marketing, marketers are mining insights from information to gain a competitive advantage and drive success. Your students are everywhere, creating fragmented data across different platforms. Higher education marketers need solutions to capture and aggregate all their data, unlock the value, and activate it to deliver the highly personalized, contextual digital engagement modern students expect. With the power of a data management platform (DMP), Modern Marketers can build actionable audiences while augmenting first-party, second-party, and third-party data.
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Modern Marketing for the Modern Campus

It's a new age of student enlightenment. Learn more about the five tenets of modern marketing for the modern campus.


Increase retention with targeted interventions.

Use the powerful segmentation, targeting, and cross-channel communication capabilities of Oracle Marketing Cloud for Student Engagement to orchestrate individualized communications. Create personalized relationships that enable you to intervene in time to make a difference. Capture data and behaviors to build personalized dynamic emails and landing pages with information to help students succeed. And, keep students on track by communicating the right message at the right time with sophisticated scoring and nurturing campaigns.

Drive engagement with sharable social content.

  • Easily listen to what your students are saying and engage in social conversations with a personalized message.
  • Enhance profiling, publishing, and targeting capabilities to increase engagement and overall student satisfaction.
  • Scale your reach with comprehensive workflow and automation capabilities.
Campaign Templates
Taking advantage of prebuilt blueprint templates for higher education to get started fast.
  • Use basic templates that include layout and formatting ready for your copy and institutional logo and graphics.
  • Launch new higher education campaigns in days not weeks.
  • Adapt prebuilt templates for suggested campaigns, emails, and landing pages based on best practices for education.
Personalizing higher education communications with tailored messages across channels.
  • Send relevant messages across email, web, mobile, display, and social.
  • Deliver content in context to increase engagement at all stages.
  • Develop authentic 1:1 relationships with students.
  • Nurture with a steady stream of personalized communications.
  • Attract new students and retain existing ones.
  • Send push notifications across devices using email, SMS, display, and more.
Data Management and Activation
Applying powerful data taxonomies specifically tailored to higher education.
  • Connect first-party student data you’ve collected, second-party or partner shared data, and third-party data gleaned from external providers on a data management platform (DMP).
  • Activate your data to support your education campaigns for dramatic improvements in relevance and value across every channel and touch point.
Connecting systems to extend and align processes.
  • Get out-of-the-box integration with leading CRM systems such as Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle Siebel Sales, Salesforce.com, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Bring custom data from other internal sources to extend and refine the process.
  • Use Oracle Marketing AppCloud to reach a large network of partners offering integrated solutions to extend the value of your marketing investments.
Aligning student interests with the information they require.
  • Automatically create and manage comprehensive activity profiles for any student that visits your website, receives an email, or gets uploaded to your database.
  • Summarize a wealth of behavioral data in multiple ways according to the audience.
  • Deliver specific campaigns and interventions based on profiles and behaviors.
  • Track responses to specific campaigns and align interests and needs to content.
Analytics and Dashboards
Putting powerful reporting and website analytics at your fingertips.
  • Take advantage of reports and dashboards, web analytics, and campaign performance
  • Share valuable information on easy-to-understand dashboards that quickly assess the impact of outreach and retention efforts.
  • Track how marketing efforts are driving better student engagement and retention.
  • Produce high-level dashboards and drill into specific details by campaign.
Modern Marketing Success
Achieving successful implementation and rapid time to value.
  • Use our innovative methodology that accelerates the success of your implementation.
  • Rely on a team of knowledgeable experts in higher education, modern marketing, marketing automation, implementation, and campaigns.
  • Expand your understanding of marketing best practices and more with education and certification programs.
  • Join our Topliners community to collaborate and share best practices online with thousands of Modern Marketers from diverse industries and organizations.
  • Connect in person to share best practices at conferences and local events.

High Impact Outreach for Higher Education

College enrollment is slowing down. With new types of students to appeal to, higher education institutions need to keep up.


Student Engagement

Higher education institutions need to embrace personalized student engagement to overcome challenges with changing student demographics, rising tuition costs, and increased competition.


Education Transformation

Higher education is faced with many challenges. Institutions now must find new ways to differentiate with branding, reputation, and proven success rates driven by technology.

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    The Gateway to Student Centricity

    Higher education institutions need to correct why students leave their institutions by applying proactive and reactive mechanisms to engage with students that are at risk.


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Thermo Fisher Science Education increased email subscription opt-in rate by 55% with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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