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Tame the Complexity of Digital Marketing

Simplify Your Marketing with One Platform To Connect Your Audience Data, Marketing Apps, and Media

What if you could connect with just the marketing data you need? What if you could orchestrate customer interactions across any channel from one place? What if you could have technology that marketers love and want to use, but that IT actually trusts?

The Oracle Marketing Cloud features rich solutions to help marketers acquire and retain ideal customers, engaging them with a relevant experience that spans the entire customer lifecycle.  The Oracle Marketing Cloud helps the marketer connect data across the marketing ecosystem to an individual customer, orchestrate a relevant experience, and analyze the performance of their efforts.
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Marketing Simplicity.  Customer Centricity. Enterprise Readiness.

It’s hard to create an amazing customer experience until you get the marketer experience right. That’s why the Oracle Marketing Cloud removes the complexity of digital marketing by providing a foundation for teams to connect their marketing data, centrally orchestrate cross-channel interactions, engage the right audience, and analyze performance.

The Oracle Marketing Cloud features four simple, but powerful, solutions:

  • Cross-Channel Marketing Orchestrate relevant customer experiences across any marketing channel, including email, mobile, push, display, web, and social.
  • Content Marketing Create rich customer personas to build content around, and align it to key campaigns in your Cross-Channel Marketing efforts.
  • Social Marketing Listen deeply to customer conversations about your product, brand or service, and engage with messaging across major social networks.
  • Data Management Platform Transform all your marketing data into actionable audiences to target across the marketing ecosystem.


Businesses Are Different. So Is Your Marketing.

Marketers from various industries are measured against different metrics and key performance indicators. The Oracle Marketing Cloud’s industry solutions provide the tailored solution that help you acquire and retain your most ideal customers.



Adapt Faster to the Unpredictable Way Customers Move About the World

Customers don’t always follow a prescriptive set of steps in their journey to experience your products and services. The Oracle Marketing Cloud solutions provide prescriptive ways for you to adapt more intelligently at every step of the customer lifecycle.


Customer Stories

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways Elevates Customer Experience with Oracle

JetBlue Airways elevates the customer experience by integrating marketing with IT to ditch traditional campaign tactics for more individualized messaging.

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ReadyTalk Gets the Word Out with More Content and Better Search Performance

ReadyTalk improved organic search performance using fresh content and lots of it.

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“We can attribute much of our marketing efficiencies to the Oracle Marketing Cloud. It has truly evolved into a robust platform that has enabled us to better align our sales and marketing processes and initiatives.”

Megan Lueders | Vice President, Global Marketing, LifeSize, a division of Logitech