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Agile Product Governance and Compliance—Resources

Design for Sustainability

Oracle's Agile Product Governance and Compliance establishes a systematic approach to efficiently manage all aspects of product compliance. By merging compliance activities with the enterprise product record, you can comply with environmental standards, create policy documentation, and design compliant products—right from the start.

  • Extend the PLM process and IP management construct to support your compliance initiative, a cornerstone of best-in-class corporate social responsibility strategies.

  • Integrated with the enterprise product record, the compliance engine is driven by best practice, open workflows that are easily configured to your business needs.

  • Leverage best practice workflows to identify and resolve various compliance issues in a complete, recorded, closed-loop manner.

  • Design for compliance, along with design for manufacturing, and design for quality are co-existent and complimentary processes in Agile PLM



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