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3 Customer Loyalty Trends for 2019


Experts weigh in on Oracle’s 2019 Loyalty Predictions Report, sighting trends such as rewarding customer advocacy, a break from traditional programs, and Wi-Fi as a loyalty channel.

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3 Surprising Retail Trends That Emerged from NRF’s Big Sky


ADWEEK interviewed Oracle’s Katrina Gosek, senior director of product management for Fusion CX strategy, who emphasized that personalization and customer experience are still key, while the hype around voice commerce is only rising.

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NRF 2019: What’s the Most Impactful Technology in Retail in 2019?


BizTech Magazine spoke with Oracle’s Katrina Gosek, senior director of product management for Fusion CX strategy, who noted that smart speakers and the rise of conversational commerce is the most impactful retail technology she expects to see in 2019.

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Seen and Heard: National Retail Federation Big Show 2019


At NRF 2019, Oracle’s Bob Meixner, director of outbound product management for Fusion CX strategy, asserts that younger employees, accustomed to certain levels of technology, will be unlikely to stay with an organization utilizing outdated tools.

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Oracle Commerce Cloud Solution Adopted by Things Remembered


Retailer Things Remembered recently selected Oracle Commerce Cloud to improve its business and bolster customer engagement with an enhanced online and in-store experience.

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Laura Ashley Streamlines Omnichannel Customization


With franchisees in 29 territories internationally, Laura Ashley is leveraging Oracle Commerce Cloud to enable customers around the globe to create and purchase made-to-order products online.

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What’s the Next Big Thing in CX?


As emerging disruptive technologies like IoT, robotic automation, AI, and more are poised to change the way businesses and consumers interact, today’s CX environment continues to evolve thanks to the introduction of new ways for companies to engage their target market.

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Subscription Services Are Coming to an Industry Near You


The business opportunity to build recurring customer relationships and predictable revenue streams via a subscription-based model is tremendous but challenging. Shifting from selling one-off products to selling products as subscriptions present vast opportunities for companies if they can address the pricing, billing, monitoring, revenue management, and other “monetization” systems that support such complex selling models.

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Oracle CX Unity Looks Like a Real Customer Data Platform


Highlighting Oracle Cloud Applications, CustomerThink praised Oracle CX Unity as a unified persistent customer database accessible by other systems, with machine learning to boot.

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Oracle Is Named a Leader in Forrester’s Latest CRM Suites Evaluation


Oracle is top ranked in its current offering category, receiving the highest possible scores in the sales force automation, configure price quote, marketing automation, customer service, and field service criteria.

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Oracle Launches a “CDP-Plus” for its Cloud Platforms


Oracle CX Unity provides the first single customer profile across the company’s platforms, plus adds intelligence for utilizing the data.

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How Emerging Technologies Are Changing the Retail Shopping Experience


Oracle Senior Product Strategist Bob Meixner discusses how retailers can use emerging technologies to create, optimize, and scale for immersive, customer-centric shopping experiences.

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The Future of Commerce: Customer Experience


CXOTalk’s Michael Krigsman interviews Katrina Haynes-Gosek, senior director of product management for Oracle Fusion CX Strategy, on the importance of frictionless, fast experiences in today’s retail landscape.

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Millennials Are a Powerful Buying Force in Every B2B Sales Equation


Oracle Commerce Cloud released the “Next Generation of B2B Purchasing Report 2018” and SalesTech Star explores the implications.

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TechBytes with Oracle Commerce Cloud’s Senior Product Strategist Jeri Kelley


MarTech Series talks with Jeri Kelley, senior product strategist for Oracle Commerce Cloud, to understand how B2B vendors can better leverage technology and create results-oriented product maps for their customers.

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Decoding the B2B Purchasing Puzzle in 2018


A new survey from Oracle Commerce Cloud reveals that the future of B2B purchasing hinges on how vendors can implement technology to focus on digital customer experiences.

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