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Beyond Customer Service, Make Experience Your Brand


Beyond Customer Service, Make Experience Your Brand

Customer service-oriented businesses are well-positioned to lead digital transformations, innately understanding the value of customer centricity. But in today’s competitive market, it takes more than great customer service, it takes connected customer experience.


The Challenge to Fixing Disconnected Brand Experiences

Disjointed marketing, sales, and commerce initiatives can undermine even the best customer service efforts, damaging retention and loyalty initiatives. Today, savvy businesses are focused on connecting customer intelligence to drive connected, personalized experiences across service, marketing, and commerce. To do this at scale requires smarter CX technology.


Empower Service Teams with Marketing Data

Marketing teams can influence service and advocacy efforts by connecting marketing data and processes, empowering service organizations to support consistent experiences beyond acquisition.

  • Streamline service through data management
  • Enhance customer loyalty with connected experiences
  • Add more value at the critical customer service touchpoint


Real Time, Smarter Commerce

Connected data across commerce and service teams empowers service agents to cross-sell and upsell more efficiently.

  • Develop continuity between commerce and service teams
  • Enhance agent knowledge and utilization
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment through smarter interactions


Connected Data, Connected CX

The best experiences use customer data effectively. It’s important for the digital business leader to connect data across business functions, connect and empower digital business units, and enhance data and experiences through emerging technology. In the digital era, power resides with the consumer. Savvy businesses get it and are aligning themselves accordingly.

Forrester Names Oracle a Leader in Digital Experience Platforms
As one reference told us: “No one else has the length and breadth of integration and future development dollars. I think Oracle is in this for the long haul.
—The Forrester Wave™ "Digital Experience Platforms, Q3 2017," September 2017
Sound United Gains 360-Degree View of Customer, Improves Content Center Effectiveness by 10%
We want to provide our customers with an exceptional customer experience no matter which channel they choose or where in the world they live. Oracle Service Cloud enables us to capture their data we need to create a 360-degree view of each customer, while also reducing operational and maintenance costs.
The Vermont Country Store Integrates CX with Oracle CX Platform

There's a magical thing that happens when a customer enters The Vermont Country Store. When the retailer sought to deliver this same authentic customer experience online, they chose Oracle Commerce Cloud. Watch their journey to personalized ecommerce.

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