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CX Platform Solutions



Connect traditional CRM data and new, cross-channel data forms—behavioral data, Internet of Things (IoT), and third-party data—to create a dynamic customer data profile.

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Anticipate and predict customer behavior in order to optimize your results. Oracle CX features connected intelligence services, enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, and behavioral analytics.

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Simplify IT complexity and connect the front- and back-office to improve operational efficiency and streamline digital transformation.

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Manage and share content and digital assets across your organization and with external partners, and supply content to power B2B and B2C omni-channel experiences with content.

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App Development

Rapidly build, deploy, and manage modern, API- and mobile-first cloud applications using Oracle’s open, standards-based platform.

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Provide secure access, monitor your cloud environment, and address IT governance and compliance requirements.

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Cloud Marketplace

Extend your solutions with applications and services developed by Oracle Partners.

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Leverage social technology to understand your customers and enable real-time collaboration among employees and partners.

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Solutions by Role

CIO, Information Technology, and Developers

Business Owner

Whether you’re in marketing, sales, service, or commerce, Oracle offers easy, drag-and-drop tools that let you configure, customize, and personalize your CX cloud applications.

Featured CX
Customer Data Management (NL)

Consolidate and maintain customer data that you can trust.

AI for Sales (NL)

Leverage AI to make the right decisions, at the right time.

Sales Performance Management (NL)

Build sales plans that your reps can put into action.

System Administrator

You make an impact on every aspect of customer experience. Oracle offers tools that help you empower your sales, service, marketing, and commerce teams with clean customer data, relevant insights, business process automation, and more.

Featured Products
CX Mobile App (NL)

Stay productive anytime, anywhere.

Lead-to-Contract Tools (NL)

Automate the entire contract lifecycle.

Mobile Commissions App (NL)

Get real-time compensation and bonus data on the go.


Be an innovation hero. Use new methods to create closer connections with customers. With the help of Oracle’s open, standards-based CX platform, you can build, deploy, and manage modern, API-first, mobile-first cloud applications.

Featured Products
Customer Data Management (NL)

Ensure accurate, complete, and consistent data.

SaaS Customization (NL)

Tailor the application to your team’s requirements with easy-to-use tools.

Sales Planning (NL)

Create focused territory plans, goals, incentives, and forecasts.

Data/Information Manager

Data is the heart of customer experience. Your customers want to feel like you know them, so compiling and maintaining clean, complete, and consolidated data is mission critical. Data acquisition from multiple sources, distribution, stewardship, and compliance must be handled seamlessly and securely. Oracle’s data solutions are built to help.

Featured Products
Standards-Based APIs (NL)

Integrate apps rapidly and cost effectively.

Prebuilt Integrations (NL)

Accelerate success with integration across the sales cycle.

Platform as a Service (NL)

Combine, secure, and mobilize apps.

Smarter CX

CX Platform Innovations

Oracle CX Platform

The Core of Smarter CX

Oracle’s CX platform solutions are the backbone of the Oracle CX suite and ensuring personalized customer experiences. Oracle delivers an interconnected, smarter approach to customer experience with connected data, connected intelligence, and connected experiences.

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