Master the New Science of Sales

Accelerate growth with the power of data, AI, and machine learning to bring together all aspects of the customer experience. Oracle Engagement Cloud provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to help sales leaders transition smoothly from sales planning and execution through customer onboarding, account management, and support services. Robust sales and service capabilities are built on a single platform, with easy mobile access and native AI that predicts each account’s win probability and recommended the next best actions.

Why Oracle Engagement Cloud?

Blurring the Lines Between Sales and Service Fortifies the Brand Experience

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Sales Force Automation and Productivity

The most successful sales teams use tools that boost productivity and automate the tasks and processes that matter, enabling sales reps to focus on the art of selling versus spending time on data entry, research, and procedural work. With easy access on mobile devices, integration to email applications, and sales-focused digital assistants, sales teams have all the innovative tools they need to close more deals, faster.

Sales Performance Management and Planning

With a foundation of connected data, organizations no longer have to make sales planning and performance management decisions based on intuition or trial and error. Use historical actuals from your finance system to create quota and territory plans. Improve sales effectiveness and achieve targeted revenue goals by leveraging a fully integrated sales performance management solution to manage territories, quotas, and compensation.

Partner Relationship Management

Effective partner relationship management requires, well, true partnership. Deftly balance the needs of channel managers and third-party reps with a comprehensive solution that make partners a natural extension of any sales organization. Scale indirect sales channels with fast and powerful planning and execution and easy onboarding and registration. Tap into the partner portal to automate and manage core program functions like lead assignment, claims, and MDF disbursement. Provide complete visibility for flawless sales execution. Make partners more profitable with tools that shorten sales cycles, increase lead speed, and minimize resistance.

Customer Data Management

Clean, consistent customer data is vital to any organization’s success. Oracle Customer Data Management helps companies consolidate, clean, complete, and coordinate data to and from multiple sources. It ensures standardization of addresses, resolves duplicate record issues, and creates the best version customer profile that reps and managers can trust across marketing, sales, and service.

Configure, Price, and Quote

Give your sales teams and channel partners the right tools to sell faster—with less effort and more accuracy—anywhere, on any device. Respond to customer inquiries faster, shorten sales cycle times, and reduce back-and-forth iterations by simplifying the configuration, pricing, and quoting process. Use guided selling and product configurations to increase up- and cross-sell opportunities while ensuring 100 percent accuracy across all quotes and orders to eliminate waste and maximize margins.

AI for Sales

AI for sales isn’t an afterthought. At Oracle, AI means thoughtful sales strategy and actions that count. It operates pervasively at the platform level and is connected to key business data across the entire organization. Guide sales motions with prescriptive recommendations for next best actions, product configurations, and more. Spot deal risk early and understand what’s driving discrepancies. Prioritize accounts and find lookalikes with account scoring. Take the guesswork out of TAM expansion efforts. Make each sales conversation more personal and proactive with smart call points.

Lead Management

Lead speed requires handoff from marketing to sales that’s undetectable to the buyer. Reps won’t miss a beat with rich campaign data from Oracle Marketing Cloud. Native campaign and campaign member objects provide a synchronized view of leads, contacts, and associated campaigns. Monitor overall campaign responses and engagement and view the resultant pipeline. Drill down to all the campaigns that include a particular lead or contact. Track and measure progress with out-of-the-box reports or create your own custom dashboards.

Customer Service

The sales cycle doesn’t end when a contract is signed. Renewals and expansions depend on quality service. Strong customer relationships require every stakeholder to be on the same page to ensure that the customer experiences consistency and reliability through each interaction. Keeping sales and service teams connected, working from a single view of the customer, is mission-critical for organizations looking to meet the needs of today’s buyer.

What’s New in Oracle Engagement Cloud?

Better Customer Experiences Accelerate Growth

Simplified Sales Forecasting

Simplified Sales Forecasting

Set up resource-based sales forecasting with a single click, automatically creating territories from the resource hierarchy and automating owner-based opportunity assignment.

Conversational Chatbots

Conversational Chatbots

Integrate Oracle Digital Assistant chatbots with Oracle Engagement Cloud to let salespeople view and act on sales information via SMS.

Click to Dial

Click to Dial

Enable salespeople to initiate outbound calls and reach out to customers with a simple click of a phone number field. The application automatically logs the interaction when finished.

Smart Data

Smart Data

Leverage smart data for accounts and enable salespeople to search and select validated addresses using type-ahead auto suggestion.

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