Oracle Customer Experience Social Cloud

Social Data Makes Marketing Better
Social Data Makes Marketing Better

Powerful listening creates actionable social intelligence for savvy marketers.

Oracle Social Cloud
Customizable Social Insights at Scale

Streamline analytics and guide strategy by viewing owned, earned and paid metrics in configurable workspaces.

A Complete and Unified Social Relationship Management Platform
Engage the Global Consumer

A scalable UI in 36 languages and listening capabilities in 28+ languages to reach your global audience.

What can Oracle Social Cloud do for your business?

Discover, analyze and respond across paid, owned and earned social channels to measure the impact of data-driven campaigns.

Even savvy modern marketers struggle to measure social ROI. With unified listening, analytics and engagement, Oracle Social Cloud helps data-driven marketers derive actionable social insights, measure social success, and connect social analytics with business KPIs to save time and maximize resources.

Unique three-tiered social listening transforms online conversations into insight-ready qualitative and quantitative data points. Configurable social reports drive smarter business decisions, and a response engine helps marketers join the social conversation to resolve customer service issues and drive advocacy. Oracle Social Cloud helps modern marketers deliver relevant experiences that drive brand loyalty and impact the bottom line.

Oracle Social Cloud includes the following social solutions:

Social Cloud Application:

  • Social Listening: Uncover actionable insights from social or unstructured 1st party data through proprietary 3-tiered listening technology. Latent semantic analysis delivers easy refinement and auto-theming while natural language processing drives sentiment and top terms for business users.
  • Social Analytics: Oracle Social Cloud's intuitive analytics tools empower marketers to unify analytics from various social channels. Customizable dashboards empower marketers to discover, analyze and report to measure campaign impact across paid, owned and earned social data.
  • Social Engagement: Read, route and respond to social messages across owned and earned channels in one customizable engagement console.

Social Cloud Platform:

  • The Social Cloud platform offers an API layer to deliver social data and functionality into existing technology stacks including Oracle Customer Experience, Oracle Marketing and third parties. Customers and partners leverage the social platform to bring the power of social into their existing technology investments.

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