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Perguntas Frequentes

Why startups migrate to Oracle Cloud

High Performance computing

HPC That Delivers on Speed and Power

Fast, scalable, and powerful: startups are running their compute-intensive workloads on Oracle.

Save Money

High Performance at a Lower Cost

Startups save costs to reinvest in their business, without compromising on security or performance.

Enterprise Security

Stability and Security for Scale

Scaling startups leverage Oracle Cloud to meet the security demands of their enterprise customers.

Explore the possibilities of free cloud

  • Credits go further with Oracle Cloud. A 70% discount from Day 1 helps free credits go almost 3x as far.
  • Oracle’s value-priced cloud offers the lowest cost of ownership compared to top competitors in 8 of 10 use cases.
  • Startups experience up to 40% annual savings compared to AWS, which can be reinvested into their business.
3,500 hours, 1.5 TB storage
1,700 hours, 250 GB storage
3,200 hours, 500 GB storage
5 TB storage
3,500 hours of compute, 1.5 TB storage
Event Hub
3,300 hours, 400 GB storage

Founders are talking about Oracle for Startups

Asser Smidt

“Oracle has by far the most transparent and value-based pricing in the market. I know exactly what I’m paying for—no surprises. We have saved around 40% of our costs and are able to reinvest that back into the business.”

—Asser Smidt, CEO and Cofounder, BotSupply
Karyl Fowler

“We leveraged Oracle Blockchain Platform as a rapid ideation and testing tool, resulting in 30% faster deployment. The managed blockchain as a service helped our engineers focus on chaincode development and testing and integration, instead of DevOps.”

—Karyl Fowler, CEO and Cofounder, Transmute
Govindraj Muthyalu

“Our business is accelerating in large part due to the benefits and the resources of Oracle’s startup program. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, our speed, ease of use, and performance is far better than what AWS offers. Oracle is helping us solve a major pain point for financial executives faster, better, and more efficiently.”

—Govindraj Muthyalu, CEO, CashPundit
Peter Lilley

“The partnership with Oracle has been game-changing for us. It gives access to enterprise-grade technology, as well as customers and marketing, and all we have to do is concentrate on our business. And the introductions to customers are quickly turning into real revenue possibilities.”

—Peter Lilley, Cofounder, iGeolise

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