Research report: B2B Ecommerce Beyond the Quick Fixes

No Going Back: B2B Ecommerce Beyond the Pandemic Response and Quick Fixes

No Going Back: B2B Ecommerce Beyond the Pandemic Response and Quick Fixes

Adapting to ever-changing buyer demands by facing the underlying challenges head on

It’s not surprising that 60% of B2B companies experienced a significant impact to business as a result of the pandemic. But the fact that 53% expect to continue to feel the impact through 2023 is eye opening. At the onset of the pandemic, quick fixes helped keep the lights on, but that won’t be enough to address the ongoing challenges. So what lies ahead?

In a newly published report by Oracle and Mirakl, we surveyed more than 60 B2B ecommerce executives and interviewed B2B professionals across industries to better understand this moment and the future of B2B commerce. The insights reveal where B2B companies are investing to build new capabilities.

Learn about the strategies defining the future of B2B ecommerce

  • Only 26% of B2B companies possess the tools and advanced technologies needed to deliver personalized experiences.
  • 98% of B2B organizations acknowledge the importance of developing direct relationships with buyers.
  • 75% of B2B companies are actively developing marketplace strategies to compete with Amazon or Alibaba.
  • 75% of B2B companies now consider subscription capabilities a valuable way to differentiate their offerings.

B2B Ecommerce Beyond the Pandemic Quick Fixes

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