Advertising and CX innovations

The Future of CRM: Engineering Better Experiences

The future of CRM helps marketers execute campaigns that generate highly qualified sales opportunities and accelerate deal cycles. Today, Oracle Advertising and CX is ushering in a new era of automation that erases the boundaries between marketing and sales in CRM systems and helps companies grow sales and revenue. Hear from Larry Ellison, one of the most disruptive voices in the industry, and learn about the future of CRM for marketers and sales teams.

Marketing and Sales come together to create opportunities

See Larry Ellison unveil new innovations in B2B marketing.

What’s new in Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX)

Explore the latest innovations across advertising, marketing, sales, and service with experiences engineered to work together. Explore each innovation theme to see the specific capabilities that can help you.

Introducing Oracle Fusion Marketing

Easily create campaigns that span traditional marketing and advertising channels using the first marketing automation solution engineered to bypass the entire lead qualification and conversion process. Fusion Marketing uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically score leads at the account level, predict when consumers are ready to talk to a salesperson, and generate a qualified sales opportunity in any CRM system.

  • Intelligent audience segmentation
  • Cross-channel campaign activation
  • Personalized content and reference stories
  • Automated opportunity generation
Introducing Fusion Marketing

New virtual sales capabilities

Explore all customer information and activity in a comprehensive view powered by Oracle's Redwood user experience.
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Simplify the sales process with a CRM system sellers want to use. Powered by our Redwood user experience, the new virtual sales capability makes it easy to search and enter data, offers a comprehensive view of all customer information and interactions, and provides insight into individual and team performance with an interactive sales performance dashboard.

  • Conversational user experience
  • Foldout view
  • Activity stream
  • Interactive sales performance dashboard

Learn more about virtual sales

Oracle Advertising innovations—Connected TV measurement and brand safety

Measure ad effectiveness and protect your brand using the latest innovations for Oracle Advertising. With Oracle Moat Measurement, you can measure the impact of your advertising campaigns in the hottest new advertising channel: Connected TV.

Brand safety innovations within Oracle Advertising enable you to combat potentially false information and ensure that your media is not appearing alongside fake news environments that would reflect poorly on your brand.

Connected TV (CTV) measurement

Connected TV is growing in popularity among advertisers for its ability to combine the immersive, full-screen video ad experience with precision targeting. Moat Measurement helps you understand who your video ad campaigns are reaching and how frequently consumers see an ad.

  • Cross-platform reach and frequency
  • Campaign benchmarks
  • Measurement using Oracle Moat

Brand safety: Potentially false information

To offer optimal control over what types of environments your ads are served in, Oracle Advertising has partnered with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) to identify sources of potentially false information.

  • Integration between Oracle Moat Measurement and GDI
  • Analytics with potentially false information metrics

Oracle Service innovation—Data and insights

Get the data and insights you need to resolve customer service issues effectively and efficiently. Our new integration between Oracle Unity Customer Data Platform and Oracle B2C Service consolidates data from a variety of sources to give customer service agents a complete, consolidated, and dynamic customer profile. Plus, a new Agent Insights panel recommends actions and related content right in the agent desktop to speed time to resolution and improve their user experience.

Unity Customer Data Platform for B2C service

The close integration between Oracle Unity customer data platform and Oracle B2C service applications help you ground your service operations with an accurate, real time customer intelligence foundation that helps you know your customers well enough to provide the best customer service, every time.

  • A complete, consolidated, and dynamic customer profile
  • Connect data across sales, customer service, marketing, financials, and more
  • Update customer profiles in real time with service interaction data

Insights panel for customer service agents

The new Agent Insights panel offers actionable insights, recommendations, and relevant content that help customer service agents resolve issues quickly and improve efficiency.

  • An easy-to-use interface simplifies navigation for agents
  • Automatically highlight the appropriate fields, links, or buttons
  • Deliver more personalized service experiences

Explore the future of CRM

Fusion Marketing Demo
Introducing Fusion Marketing (7:05)

See how Fusion Marketing automates lead generation and qualification to help marketers send the highest quality leads to sales.

The future of CRM: Engineering sales and marketing to work together
The future of CRM: Engineering sales and marketing to work together (2:07)

View the future where marketing and sales systems are engineered to work together and help marketers and sellers focus on the activities that matter.

Accenture and Oracle confront CRM Implementation challenges head-on
Accenture and Oracle confront CRM implementation challenges head-on (5:40)

Learn how to avoid the common errors companies make when implementing marketing and CRM systems and change your CRM into a selling tool.

Customer perspective

Aon drives digital transformation across their sales team

Like many B2B companies, Aon is transitioning their marketing and sales teams to be more digitally enabled. Both teams need more from their CRM. See how Oracle solutions are helping Aon become digitally empowered and grow their business.

Aon's Journey to Empower Their Sales Force
SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

A post-pandemic paradigm for marketers

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle

Oracle Fusion Marketing provides the new paradigm we need: Automation at the task level, so that we can focus on strategy and creating great assets, while an AI-driven system ensures the right creative is going to the right audience in a timely fashion. The world of B2B buying is never going back to the way it was before, and neither should B2B marketing..

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