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The Future of CRM: Engineering Connected Sales Experiences

Today’s sales automation solutions struggle to keep up with our increasingly digital world, and CRM systems don’t help sellers sell. Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales identifies the best sales opportunities, guides sellers through each step of closing a deal, and automatically delivers a configured quote and proposal—all from one user interface. Using AI and automation, Oracle Fusion Sales recommends actions for sellers to take and content for them to share with buyers, reducing time spent on manual tasks.

Take the guesswork out of selling with the next generation of CRM

A better way to increase revenue and drive sales

See how Oracle Fusion Sales is improving sales productivity and creating better experiences for your buyers. Explore the latest features and capabilities.

Unlike many other CRM systems built to help sales managers plan and forecast, Fusion Sales is designed for sellers—to increase their productivity, improve their success in closing deals, and help them instill confidence among buyers.

Introducing Oracle Fusion Sales

Fusion Sales give sales teams a CRM that's built to help them sell. With the right tools, seller productivity goes up, deal success improves, and customers are happier with the engagement—resulting in greater lifetime value and stronger ongoing customer relationships.

  • Improve sales productivity by automating manual, time-consuming steps
  • Drive greater deal success by following a prescriptive sales process, reducing errors and inconsistencies
  • Increase buyer satisfaction by giving sellers a single view of all customer data, better enabling them to answer buyers’ critical questions and deliver high-value engagements
Introducing Fusion Sales

Marketing and sales working together

Our survey of 200 sales professionals found that nearly 90% of respondents want sales and marketing to work more closely together. Oracle Fusion Marketing and Fusion Sales are engineered to do just that, giving sellers a sales system that helps them sell more.

Conversion-ready opportunities

Introducing Fusion Marketing

The integration with Fusion Marketing aggregates interest shown by individual contacts within the same account to create an account-level score that reflects the quality of the opportunity. Once enough engagement signals and touchpoints are collected for the account, Oracle Fusion Marketing automatically creates a highly qualified opportunity and passes it into Oracle Fusion Sales for seller follow-up.

Spend more time working with customers

It’s difficult for sellers to help customers solve problems when they’re trying to uncover insights or manually enter data into their CRM. Fusion Sales gives sales teams a CRM that’s built to help them sell by automating mundane tasks and applying artificial intelligence (AI) to guide the entire journey.

Sales process choreography

Fusion Sales directs the steps sellers take to engage with accounts, work on opportunities, and close deals using workflows based on best practices set by sales leadership or customizable, industry-specific templates.

Oracle Advertising has partnered with GDI to identify sources of potentially false information.

Intelligent content recommendation

With Oracle Sales Accelerator integration, Fusion Sales recommends content at each step in the sales process, putting the right offers and answers to commonly asked questions directly in the seller's hands.

Automated quote and proposal generation

When opportunities are created, Fusion Sales automatically generates an initial quote, proposal, and implementation schedule for the associated product or products. It uses historical data, including prior successful deals, the customer’s industry, and account attributes. Quotes are automatically updated as sellers collect more information from their buyers throughout the sales process.

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Improve your sales team’s productivity

A brand-new user interface provides sellers with a simple and intuitive way to interact with the application and leverage information relevant to each opportunity.

Simple and intuitive UX

Fusion Sales provides sellers with a simple and intuitive way to complete tasks and consume information. With predictive search that anticipates what a user wants to do next and a conversational interface that lets them use plain language, sellers have an easier time finding information and completing tasks.

Integrated Zoom conferencing

Zoom is integrated with Fusion Sales and embedded directly in the user interface, making it easy for sellers to launch meetings, access recommended discovery questions and talking points, and collect critical customer information. Calls can be transcribed in real time, and once a meeting ends, transcriptions, seller notes, and attendee information are automatically added to the Fusion Sales activity feed.

Digital Sales Room

Digital Sales Rooms allow reps to craft personalized microsites for each of their unique buyers. Within each sales room, sales teams can add helpful resources and information, such as past contracts, featured content, relevant reference stories, a newly configured quote, and details for past or upcoming Zoom meetings. Once the Digital Sales Room link is shared with the customer, the rep can update the microsite with new details as the buyer progresses throughout their journey.

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Sales analytics

Sales analytics shows aggregated sales activity data from the end-to-end sales process. It collects and displays data from multiple Oracle CX applications, including marketing automation, customer service, and sales, as well as other Oracle Fusion Analytics solutions, such as finance and HR, for more complete insights across your business. It comes with a prepackaged data model, a data pipeline, and analytics dashboards. A simple drag-and-drop interface enables business users to build reports and analyze data—no IT support required.

Explore Oracle Fusion CX Analytics

Explore the future of CRM

CRM for successful sales organization
Do you have the right CRM for a successful sales organization? (1:08)

To understand your customers and meet their needs, your sellers need the next generation of sales automation—tools that guide them with insights and recommendations at every step.

Fusion Sales live demo
Oracle Fusion Sales Live Demo: View the next generation of sales software (8:22)

Take a look at several key features of Fusion Sales in this live demo. Start with a sales opportunity list, explore the intuitive new UI, experience next-best action recommendations, and discover the next generation of sales automation.

Ricoh and Oracle Fusion Sales: The right information at the right time (3:10)

Ricoh wants to ensure that their sales team has access to the right information at the right time so that they can be effective. See how Oracle’s tools and technology help them enable their sellers to be more productive and efficient, so they can treat each of their customers like they’re the only one.

July 13, 2022

Oracle engineers CRM’s future

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX

Nearly one third of sellers struggle to close deals and meet quotas because far too many companies are equipping their sales teams with outdated, obsolete CRM systems. In a moment when customer demand has never been higher and a business’s margin for error has never been smaller, sellers need AI-powered, predictive intelligence that gives them the insight and bandwidth they need to close more leads.

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