Top marketing trends for 2022

Marketers reveal their successes, struggles, and solutions

Marketers reveal their successes, struggles, and solutions

Find out the major challenges digital marketing teams are facing now and how the right martech solutions can help you meet those challenges.

82% of marketers want an updated martech stack to improve performance

Customers demand enjoyable, personalized experiences. If you don’t deliver, you quickly fall behind the competition.

This point became abundantly clear in a recent survey conducted by Ascend2 and Oracle. We surveyed 853 marketers to find out about the trends and technologies that can make campaigns more successful despite the disruptions of the past few years. Read Marketing Trends 2022 report to learn:

  • What your fellow marketers struggle with and how they are adapting to change while maximizing performance
  • How to use AI, customer data platforms (CDPs), content management systems (CMS), and customer loyalty programs to engage with customers more effectively
  • How to personalize and scale content across different channels

Discover the marketing trends for 2022

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