Why choose Oracle Service vs. Zendesk?

Top 6 reasons to choose Oracle Service for customer service software


Complete end-to-end service management

Today’s customers expect you to anticipate their needs and address them—before they are even aware of an issue. That’s why you need a reliable and complete end-to-end service solution that is context-driven.

With Oracle Service, you can deliver customer service support that goes beyond service request intake and resolution. Unlike Zendesk, Oracle Service offers an integrated and comprehensive service solution with proactive and predictive customer engagement through Internet of Things (IoT) service monitoring for connected assets, and Oracle Digital Assistant. These service tools, along with knowledge management, intelligent advice and decision-making, visual engagement, and field service management comprise a powerful, integrated suite of service solutions.


Service you can control

To respond to changing customer service needs in real time requires a flexible working environment and technical agility. With Oracle Service, you can easily configure your service experience without customizations or code or having to make changes to your business processes to fit the constraints of the application. Easily incorporate any number of ticket forms, data objects, or workflows. This flexibility means that you can deliver dynamic, personalized, and high-quality service resolution.

Zendesk can’t match the agility of Oracle Service, putting the brakes on your overall customer service strategy. Zendesk offers limited integration and platform extensibility, along with a cap on the number of forms and objects that can be created.


Ability to scale for future growth

Oracle Service’s highly scalable platform supports businesses of all sizes and use cases. It will be able to handle your future growth—without data or regulatory limitations or having to deal with skyrocketing costs.

Zendesk tends to be best suited for smaller companies without complex requirements. Moreover, scaling within the Zendesk platform frequently means navigating their complex pricing schedule with additional, unexpected cost structures to add new features.


A fully integrated knowledge suite

Oracle Knowledge Management enables you to deliver superior service that is rooted in an integrated, intelligent knowledge foundation. With knowledge as your strategic asset, you can speed up issue resolution and increase customer satisfaction.

Oracle’s full-featured knowledge management solution offers robust, native capabilities, such as intelligent search, natural language processing, machine learning, in-depth reporting, and advanced language support, as well as authoring workflow and versioning. Analysts and customers alike have recognized Oracle’s leading knowledge management capabilities as being among the best in the industry.

Zendesk Guide’s transactional knowledge base is managed like a standalone module that must be integrated into other channels. Other limitations and gaps are present in deep search, taxonomy, mobility, reporting and insights, and compliance—all requiring a greater investment from you.


Unified omnichannel experiences on a single platform

We are consistently recognized for our maturity and breadth in delivering omnichannel experiences with strong assisted and self-service capabilities and channel preference management, allowing you and your customers to choose how, when, and where to engage. Oracle also offers an advanced framework to make it easy for you to design enterprise skills, configure flexible dialogues, deliver Q&A support, and enable a seamless hand-off to a live agent.

Oracle offers a native, real-time collaborative environment that brings customers and employees together to resolve issues faster using cobrowse and screen sharing. Live experience tools also empower contact center agents to use various contextual and interactive tools—including voice, two-way video, screen sharing, and drawing/annotating—to resolve issues faster.

At this time, Zendesk does not have a cobrowse or live experience solution available. While Zendesk has made recent investments in unifying messaging channels, the simplicity of their chat, knowledge, language, and integration support prevents them from achieving true intelligent conversational experiences through their digital assistant.


Real-time insights, reports, and analytics

Oracle’s prebuilt, role-based reports enable you to evaluate and optimize your service operations using real-time, predictive analytics. Oracle offers in-depth reporting without the need for an additional business insights tool to aggregate service components.

Unfortunately, that’s not available to Zendesk customers because Zendesk’s reporting can’t provide holistic, actionable intelligence or uncover trends from available analytics. To get analytic capabilities, you’ll need the Zendesk Explore add-on, but even that won’t deliver advanced reporting, as it does not yet aggregate data across their service suite.

It’s yet another example of how the complexity—and cost—of Zendesk easily adds up. With Zendesk, instead of having prebuilt reporting guidelines and templates, you’ll have to develop your own rules for advanced reporting.

Move forward on the path to service excellence.

Of all the advantages of running a digital bank, the one that tops the list is using Oracle Service to place all of the information about our customers at our fingertips.

Christina Shortall Vice President of Customer Experience, Radius Bank Read the story

Make every customer interaction matter with Oracle Customer Experience (CX)

Video: Razer: Delivering superior customer service (2:26)

Oracle’s service cloud is a complete platform that provides a 360-degree view of your customer. So you can connect all of your business application data across service, commerce, loyalty, marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, and HR.

Connected, clean data allows you to better serve your customers with complete transactional data, marketing promotions, sales history, and more—in one interface. With Oracle Service, your service agents have a unified view of every customer interaction so they can engage with customers—no matter how, when, or where they are located—while meeting and exceeding customer service expectations throughout.

Zendesk only offers a partial, nonintegrated front-office solution that prevents you from connecting to the rest of your ecosystem, such as invoicing and fulfillment. Many of their customers choose to integrate with third-party sales, marketing, and commerce vendors as they mature, adding confusing and costly application integrations.

Now you can keep pace with rapidly changing customer service expectations. With self-service capabilities, powerful knowledge management, and robust reporting, Oracle Service helps you deliver meaningful experiences across all service channels.

Customer success stories

Leading service organizations across many industries use Oracle Service to improve their service interactions and exceed customer expectations.

Oracle Service vs. Zendesk

Unlike Zendesk, Oracle Service offers a complete, end-to-end service platform for customers of all sizes, industries, and regions. Oracle Service is recognized for its ability to deliver omnichannel support, offer self-service capabilities, and leverage robust knowledge management across all channels. Oracle Service offers powerful and intelligent B2B, B2C, and field service solutions that give you the ability to predict the need for service, automate workflows, and deliver tailored responses, while balancing self-service and assisted service models. See how Oracle Service connects to relevant customer data across all lines of business including marketing, sales, commerce, and field service.

Service capability

Oracle Service


Case management
Limited flexibility and configurability for scale
Reporting and analytics
Requires additional analytics licensing for robust reporting
Intelligent advice and decisioning
Chatbot/digital assistant
Knowledge and content management
Field service
Workflow and automation
Telephony and voice Connectors available to most common systems Limited to native voice powered by Twilio
Integrated sales, marketing, commerce and loyalty
Sales and marketing only
IaaS and PaaS Oracle AWS
Scalability and performance Global reach, supporting all major industry and regional certifications with consistent up-time Global reach with limited certifications across suite and periodic downtime1

What is Oracle Service?

Know your customers, predict their needs, and give them the service they expect. With capabilities that include self-service, live agent, knowledge articles, intelligent advice, video chat, field service, and more, Oracle Service is here for your customer service needs.

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