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Oracle PaaS Launch Coverage

Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) Assets
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Oracle Cloud Platform 2015

Oracle Cloud Platform 2015

Offers a comprehensive, integrated, suite of services that makes it easier to build, extend, and integrate cloud applications.

  • Amping Up Database in the Cloud
    Oracle Database Cloud Exadata Service brings full-featured, industrial-strength database and platform performance to the cloud for the first time.
  • Oracle's Platform Play Gives the Cloud Its Enterprise Bona Fides
    Oracle's new cloud services add up to a set of powerful tools that should remove any doubts about moving sizable chunks of IT operations to the cloud.
  • Don't Do SaaS in a Vacuum
    As companies focus on integration across the cloud and on-premises systems, the importance of integration between SaaS and PaaS services will naturally surface.
  • Insider Tips on How to Get the Cloud You Need
    Wrestling with how you can leverage cloud computing to deliver more value to your enterprise? Check out these insider tips that can help you get the cloud you need.
  • An Insider's Take on Oracle's Cloud Transformation
    Oracle CIO Mark Sunday shares how Oracle's transformation into a cloud-first company enables it to lead in a time of change.
  • Cloud and On-Premises IT

    Cloud and On-Premises IT: Ready for 'Decade Of Coexistence'?

    Oracle's new platform and infrastructure cloud services make coexistence easier because all three tiers of cloud computing work alongside conventional on-premises systems.

  • Focus on PaaS
    According to IDC, the platform-as-a-service market will reach US$17 billion by 2017. Read more about whether your company is ready for PaaS, best practices for PaaS, and the PaaS tipping point.
  • What IT Pros Must Do to Survive, Thrive Amid Change
    The role of the IT professional is rapidly evolving. Smart new software and services are enabling them to channel their skills into strategic initiatives that benefit the bottom line. IT pros who get out in front of those changes will thrive.
  • The Top Five Roadblocks to Cloud Integration
    Cloud applications must be fully integrated with each other as well as with on-premises software to reap the benefits of the cloud. But getting there means overcoming these top five challenges.
  • Move Quickly from Idea to Execution
    PaaS for business process automation empowers user to quickly automate processes and deliver multichannel experiences that make life easier—and work more productive—for employees and customers alike.
  • Filling in the Holes in the Cloud

    Filling in the Holes in the Cloud

    With its new set of Oracle Cloud Platform offerings, Oracle now has a complete suite of services for creating and managing applications in the cloud.

  • How Cloud Simplifies Mobile Development and Increases Agility
    Mobile PaaS apps let companies develop applications, distribute them to users on a variety of devices, and update them as needed, all without having to hire developers and administrators to keep up with a rapidly changing IT environment.
  • Let Data Put You Out of Business
    Finding the right balance between data analysis and gut instinct is critical. Experience and instinct matter, but don't ignore the data. It'll tell even the most savvy business veterans things they can't know otherwise.
  • Three Reasons Las Vegas Gets Open Data Right
    The goal of open data is transparency, which can rebuild confidence in government institutions. The city of Las Vegas makes it work by leveraging the cloud, taking care of business users, and ensuring the system works for its citizens.
  • Comprehensive, Secure, Big Data in the Cloud
    As big data rapidly becomes a vital part of enterprise information architectures, Oracle Big Data Cloud Service enables organizations to increase their big data capabilities and make it easier to explore new opportunities.

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