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Oracle PLM for the Services Industry

Innovate Strategically

In an industry rocked by disruption, you need to execute faster. Oracle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) enables you to transform your business, with new advancements for effective innovation strategies and competitive differentiation. Oracle’s modern PLM processes provide best practices that help you gain new insights, streamline business processes, and scale innovation pragmatically—to achieve powerful results.

Oracle PLM in Service

Greater Visibility, Improved Productivity

Greater Visibility, Improved Productivity

  • Accelerate evaluation of new products and services with greater visibility and analysis tools
  • Analyse each potential product and service investment for financial viability, strategic fit and resource availability
  • Enhance secure collaboration across global teams to improve productivity
  • Facilitate a single enterprise view of the product record across the extended enterprise
  • Establish governed and repeatable business processes to accelerate time to market

What Is Oracle PLM for the Services Industry?

You must out-innovate industry disruptors, win over tech-savvy consumers and modernise nearly every facet of your business – no small task. It starts with identifying the right idea – and then executing it effectively, strategically and profitably.

Oracle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offers a modern innovation platform that helps you transform your product development strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Innovate with insight, enrich collaboration and get to market sooner.

  • Portfolio Optimisation

    Innovate strategically by establishing a systematic approach to manage innovation investments. Optimise your product and service portfolio by balancing sustainable, iterative innovations with bolder, more experimental offerings. Standardise the proposal process and collaborate securely with team members. Model what-if scenarios, analyse each potential innovation investment and select your optimal go-to-market portfolio.

  • Business Processes Standardisation

    Create a central hub to capture all related data, such as taxonomies, attributes, relationships and category hierarchies. Automatically classify, standardise and de-duplicate product and service data so that you can orchestrate market launch and commercialisation better. Publish timely, accurate, high quality product and service data through all channels, including catalogues, websites and partner channels.

  • Collaborative Design and Development

    Enable collaboration throughout the product and service lifecycle – within your organisation and across your network. Oracle PLM provides a flexible, social and highly secure environment to promote innovation while protecting IP. Digitise organisational knowledge in a centralised product record to empower your workforce, design new innovations, improve visibility and accountability, and strategically align your product portfolio.

  • Project Management

    Accelerate innovation projects and craft a high-performing product and service portfolio. With Oracle PLM, you get tightly synchronised project management with stage-gate methodology to maximise throughput. Improve team and resource management with powerful tools that find best-fit project resources and skills to keep your people engaged and motivated. Allow teams to collaboratively manage all work in one place to consolidate and automate completion so you know when deliverables will be done. Manage project schedules on the go, worldwide, with intuitive, integrated, mobile scheduling tools. Keep it all linked to the enterprise product record to easily communicate the plan across the enterprise.

  • Artwork, Packaging and Label Management

    Make sure that your product’s packaging is perfect. Visualise and collaborate on the artwork, packaging and labels in a secure, web-based system that’s accessible from anywhere. Oracle PLM simplifies, automates, accelerates and tracks packaging changes – so that you can reduce time to market, eliminate errors and control risk.

  • Analytics

    Make more informed product decisions with role-based, actionable insight at any stage of the product lifecycle. Embedded analytics empower decision-makers with relevant information so that they can proactively take steps to improve product performance.

  • Cloud

    You need to achieve value quickly. Choose the right deployment model that fits your business requirements. Oracle Cloud PLM applications are integrated with social, mobile, and analytic capabilities to help you rapidly transform your business – and at a lower cost.

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