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Oracle Modern Best Practice for Healthcare Payer—Employee Separation to Workforce Analysis

Employee Separation to Workforce Analysis
Efficient Separation and Actionable Workforce Analysis

Employee Separation to Workforce Analysis

Create a positive and more efficient employee separation process and curb turnover by leveraging mobile, social, analytics, and big data. With Oracle Modern Best Practice, you can gain insight into an employee’s decision to leave. Easily and accurately finalize payout options for employees and contingent labor. Automate processing and payment of final salary and accrued liabilities. Predict future workforce movement and prevent attrition by analyzing turnover factors segmented by upmarket, government, midmarket and small market.

Process Employee Terminations
Mobile. Social. icon Mobile. Social.

Process Employee Separation

Complete employee and contingent worker separation process (voluntary and involuntary). Incorporate statutory regulations for country/province/state/city. Automated removal of employee access to all systems.

Exit Interview
Mobile. Analytics. icon Mobile. Analytics.

Perform Exit Interview

Gain insight as to why the employee or contingent worker decided to leave (if applicable) and discuss off-boarding matters using a checklist.

Finalize Compensation
Mobile. Social. icon Mobile. Analytics.

Finalize Compensation Payout

Automate processing and prorate pay (performance pay, incentive pay, and base pay) due upon termination.

Post to Payroll
Mobile. Big Data. icon Mobile. Big Data.

Post to Payroll

Automatically post final pay to payroll within corporate and statutory time limits, with verification and adjustments for scheduled or off-cycle payroll runs.

Analyze Workforce Trends
Mobile. Analytics. Social. Big Data. icon Mobile. Analytics. Social. Big Data.

Analyze Workforce Trends

Predict future workforce movement and prevent attrition by analyzing turnover factors, such as training, working conditions, and leadership. Use exit interviews and a variety of data, such as region, job, department (upmarket, government, midmarket, and small market), and geography.

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