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Oracle and Siebel
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"Siebel has demonstrated expertise in the financial services industry and an eagerness to help us get value from our Siebel products. I am looking forward to the application of that knowledge to Oracle's other products after the combination of the two companies. This will be a big plus for us."
  — Eric Lucas, Senior Program Manager,Ceridian Corporation

"The combined companies will be in a better competitive position, and that added stability means I can plan more confidently for the longer term.  Siebel CRM Professional Edition is becoming a mission-critical application for our operations, so I'm pleased to know I count on Oracle to support and protect my technology investment and make sure I have choices."
  — Rob Verratti, Senior Vice President,WestStar Bank

"Horizon Healthcare has existing relationships with both Siebel and Oracle and we are optimistic that the combination of Siebel and Oracle will provide us with the continued commitment to the products that have allowed us to be responsive to the needs of our customers. In a rapidly changing environment it is important to have leading edge technology from a company that has the resources to be there when you need them most."
  — Patrick Geraghty, Senior Vice President Service Division,Horizon Healthcare

"I have worked with Oracle Applications in the past and feel that the combination with Siebel will create a better product for Life Sciences companies to better serve their customers."
  — Gregg Ciarelli, Head - Sales Administration,Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"The complementary technologies and applications of Oracle and Siebel have great potential to add significant value to our portfolio of businesses across the world. As the two work to integrate their best-in-class products and resources, we anticipate an even more robust offering to build on. With a third of Reed Elsevier's annual revenues coming from online products & transactions, we view a combined Oracle and Siebel as a powerful enabler in growing our businesses, such as LexisNexis and Elsevier which already rely on the technology to lead the market and drive our transition online."
  — Keith McGarr, Chief Technology Officer,Reed Elsevier

"As the technology leader in trade show industry, GES Exposition has made Oracle and Siebel our core solutions to bring innovations to our customers. The Siebel acquisition by Oracle completes the Oracle Fusion vision of creating the best of breed product set in one well-integrated solution. This is a great news to those of us that have heavily invested in Oracle and Siebel solutions over the years."
  — Sy Esfahani, Executive Vice President & Chief Information Officer,GES Exposition Services, Inc.

"Better integration between Oracle and Siebel products is sure to result from this acquisition, which will make it easier for the IT staff to support the business and easier for us to plan as we look to a single source for ERP and CRM software."
  —Doug Rademacher, Chief Information Officer,APC

"Unisys is an enterprise class client of Oracle's ERP software, as well as a large user of PeopleSoft HR and Siebel CRM applications.  We believe the acquisition of Siebel is an important move for Oracle and for the industry, and one that will help us provide seamless integration of our systems and applications to support our operations and clients around the world."
  — John Carrow, Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Worldwide Information Technology,Unisys

"UnitedHealth Group enjoys strong relationships with Oracle and Siebel. Both companies are strategic providers of technology to us. We believe Oracle's pending acquisition of Siebel will be beneficial for UnitedHealth Group."
  — Rob Bohnenkamp, Chief Information Officer, Corporate Systems,UnitedHealth Group

"Both Siebel and Oracle products play a critical role in enabling the business process at HSN. We are excited about the potential benefits from the combined relationship of these two valued partners."
  — Ken Waters, Senior Vice President of Information Technology,HSN

"I look forward to the improved integration of the CRM and ERP business processes as a result of this combination of Oracle and Siebel. This will greatly increase our IT enablement of the business."
  — Debra Anderson, Chief Information Officer,Novell Inc.

"BCAA is pleased about the upcoming combination of Oracle and Siebel. We are getting the best of both worlds here: best-in-class product capabilities and the greater R&D resources of a bigger company. Our ongoing relationship with Siebel is critical to our business and we look forward to continuing to count on the guidance we get from Siebel as we plan for the future."
  — Jane Whittam, Director, Customer Strategy and Insight,British Columbia Automobile Association [BCAA]

"Siebel is the cornerstone of our strategic IT infrastructure, and we are excited about Siebel joining Oracle as it demonstrates Oracle's commitment to achieving its long-term strategic vision. The combined organizational strength will provide Siebel customers with additional resources and opportunities to enhance their CRM investments. As Siebel users, we believe this move will enable Oracle and Siebel to achieve their joint goal of fusing together the best of the best."
  — Lori Johnson, Chief Information Officer,Pearl Companies

"I believe that the combined company will be better able to invest in and deploy new technologies.  Size does matter in remaining competitive in the technology industry, and I am glad to have a strong player as a partner."
  — Jerry Batt, Chief Information Officer,Pulte Homes

"I am very excited about the combination of Oracle and Siebel because it will bring together two world-class companies with two very strong product sets. This is great for customers, because it will provide Oracle with an immediate path to integrate best-of-breed CRM features into its evolving ERP suite. This will clearly make Oracle a larger threat to SAP, and others, which will also increase market competitiveness."
   — John Matelski, President,Quest International

"Oracle's purchase of Siebel clearly demonstrates dedication to providing a comprehensive suite of business solutions to customers. The IOUG will support Siebel customers who use Oracle technology with education, networking opportunities and advocacy into Oracle."
  — Ari Kaplan, President,Independent Oracle Users Group

"The OAUG supports Oracle's combination with Siebel. It will enable Oracle to use its acquired knowledge to further develop the quality of existing products and provide new and increased functionality to customers."
  — Patricia Dues, President,Oracle Applications User Group

"The combination of Oracle and Siebel will bring together two very strong product sets, which is a plus for customers. I'm already excited about Oracle's plans for Project Fusion and now I'm very pleased that they'll be able to add Siebel's excellent CRM products and strategy into the mix as part of the development efforts. The combined companies will be in a better competitive position, and that added stability means I can plan more confidently for the longer term. These are mission-critical applications for our business, so I'm pleased to know I can count on Oracle to support and protect my technology investment and make sure I have choices."
  — Norm Fjeldheim, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Qualcomm

"Ingersoll-Rand is extremely excited about the merger/acquisition of Siebel Systems by Oracle Corporation. Both platforms are key strategic components to our overall IT architecture and this combination can only enhance the integration and capabilities of both platforms. It allows us to deal with one partner for the best in both ERP and CRM functionality."
  — Barry Libenson, Vice President and Chief Information Officer,Ingersoll-Rand Company

"KTF is a major user of Oracle, and has 1,000 Siebel users. After the completion of this acquisition, we expect better integration between Oracle and Siebel products, and better and more convenient support services."
  — Hun Yong Oh, Sr. Director, Head of CRM Development,KTF

" We believe that the integration of Oracle and Siebel platforms, which are widely deployed in Telecom Italia's IT architectures, could represent an additional opportunity for the Group to enhance efficiency in the context of the company's ongoing technological integration process."
  — Marco Forneris, IT Manager,Telecom Italia Group

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