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Marketing to Businesses

Plan and execute marketing automation campaigns with Oracle Eloqua

Oracle’s B2B Cross-Channel Marketing solution, Oracle Eloqua, enables marketers to plan and execute marketing automation campaigns while delivering a personalized customer experience for their prospects. Campaigns scale for audiences across all channels including email, display search, video advertising, and mobile. With integrated lead management and easy campaign creation, the solution helps marketers engage the right audience at the right time in their buyer's journey. By gaining real-time insight through customers’ Digital Body Language, sales teams can close more deals at a faster rate, increasing Marketing ROI.
Unify Data
While 89% of marketing leaders believe they must provide a world-class customer experience to differentiate their products and services in the digital age, only 20% believe they’ve had success in delivering on the promise. The main thing preventing their success is that today marketers cannot wrap their arms around the vast amount of customer and marketing data needed to provide a true 1:1 customer experience. 
Send Relevant Messaging Across Channels
With marketing teams’ fragmented approach to data, content, social and cross-channel engagement, it is no surprise that this broken experience is passed onto our customers. About 78% of customers don’t receive a consistent experience across channels and up to 94% of customers have discontinued communication with a company due to irrelevant messaging.  

With Oracle Marketing Cloud, marketers can easily integrate their cross-channel marketing programs with an entire suite of comprehensive solutions to better unify customer data, engage audiences, and measure the success of marketing efforts.

Marketing Automation Simplified

Successful email marketing, demand generation, and lead management processes hinge on a modern strategy closely aligned to buyer needs and expectations across all phases of the buying process.


Want to Learn More About Marketing Automation?

Are you considering marketing automation? Well, you should be! If you're not investing your budget in modern marketing tools that deliver ROI like marketing automation, at least do yourself a favor and see how it works. Check out this interactive video experience to create your own marketing adventure, and learn a thing or two along the way!

What's New

Oracle Marketing Cloud Profiler with Google Chrome extension

Flexibility and mobility are critical components that fuel sales enablement. Empowering sales with tools to meet the needs and interest of their buyer in real time is essential to configuring the right approach for effective engagement.  Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Profiler is now enabled with our new Google Chrome extension which allows users to easily find and engage with prospects while performing prospect research.  Sales people can match contacts by domain, LinkedIn and email, increasing the overall efficiency of prospecting.  With new localized versions of Profiler sales teams can utilize Profiler across the globe.  To further increase sales agility Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Engage is now available in a mobile-friendly version.  Sales reps can easily create campaigns from any device creating real time engagement and enhancing overall productivity.  This new flexibility gives sales teams an even more powerful sales tools suite to positively increase performance.  

Look-Alike Modeling & the DMP

Using profile data to find customers that look like your ideal ones and locating that anonymous user is a B2B marketer’s dream. Oracle Marketing Cloud’s capability to pull in cross-platform features propels that dream into a reality.
Users can send Oracle Eloqua segments into the Data Management Platform (DMP) for cross-channel activation, audience analytics, and look-alike modeling. Pulling this picture together empowers marketers to identify and target the prospects that look like their target customers. With the addition of audience injection data, a multitude of cross-channel orchestrations are right at the Modern Marketer’s fingertips—making the creativity endless as well as scientifically targeted.

Visual Click Through Reporting

Tracking distinct click through activity is an imperative building block to a Modern Marketing strategy.  Oracle Eloqua’s next generation operational reporting enables marketers to quickly see the click through activity on tracked links in emails. 
Track and learn about distinct click behaviors throughout email campaigns to accurately tailor future emails communications based on the appropriate interests contacts have shown through click throughs

How much can Marketing Automation help your business?

The online ROI Calculator approximates the rate of return on a Marketing Automation Platform point solution investment. To accommodate varying business models across use cases and industries, this ROI Calculator uses industry-standard benchmarks and definitions. See how implementing marketing automation and improving lead management processes in your business can increase top-line revenue.

Oracle Eloqua Pricing and Packages

Oracle Marketing Cloud offers three ways to start putting the power of marketing automation to work for your business. Packages include Basic, Standard, and Enterprise.

Discover the power of Marketing Automation with Oracle Eloqua!

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Network Ten uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to integrate cross-channel marketing with content management and launch trigger-based campaigns with marketing automation to communicate personally with their customer audience in a relevant and timely way.

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How to Sell Marketing Automation to Executives

Make an effective marketing automation pitch to your CEO, CFO, and CIO by crafting a persuasive argument that’s relevant to their objectives and concerns.

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Marketing Automation Simplified

Successful email marketing, demand generation, and lead management processes hinge on a modern strategy closely aligned to buyer needs and expectations across all phases of the buying process.