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Marketing Measurement

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Marketing Measurement

Next Generation Analytics Measure Marketing Success

Measuring marketing success and how it affects the bottom line can be a daunting task for even the veteran marketer. With Oracle Eloqua, marketers have an easy to use, flexible and powerful reporting package available at their fingertips to accurately track and measure business impact.
Oracle’s dashboard and reporting backed by the power of Oracle Business Intelligence provide both high level and detailed insights to guide marketers in critical decisions in real-time.
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What makes Oracle Eloqua Insights unique?

Oracle Eloqua has designed dynamic, intuitive analytics and reporting capabilities benefiting users with more flexibility and power.
  • Integration with Oracle Business Intelligence has enhanced the next generation of Oracle Eloqua Insight dashboards and reports.
  • Leverage Oracle Eloqua standard ‘out of the box’ reports and dashboards.
  • Utilize new standardized ‘subject areas’ that include metrics and dimensions designed to work together to ensure that marketers can maximize the utility of their data, and get a complete data-driven understanding of marketing campaign success at any scale.


Refining strategies and developing repeatable processes for success.

Life Sciences
Jackson Healthcare

Jackson Healthcare Builds the Right Relationships Through Lead Nurturing

When Jackson Healthcare launched a strategic nurturing campaign with a give-more-than-ask philosophy, it deepened relationships with key constituents, increased awareness of community health issues, and shared stories of how hospital programs are positively impacting the underserved.

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ARC Document Solutions Increases Lead Generation with Nurturing

ARC Document Solutions transformed itself into the largest AEC document management company in the world by ramping up marketing focused on helping customers efficiently modernize.

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“Oracle Marketing Cloud makes it easier to nurture prospects with complex, multi-step campaigns, and to test what’s working and what’s not as we present our complete product offering to the public.”

Adam Lagerhausen | Digital Marketing Specialist, ARC Document Solutions
White Paper

The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors

This Forrester Wave reports on lead-to-revenue platform providers in Q4 2106. Forrester named Oracle a leader in the category with the highest possible score in 36 criteria.

Selling Marketing Automation

How to Sell Marketing Automation to Executives

Make an effective marketing automation pitch to your CEO, CFO, or CIO by crafting a persuasive argument that’s relevant to their objectives and concerns.

Lead Nurturing Guide — Oracle Marketing Cloud

Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads with content based on who and where prospects are in the buying process can improve sales success.