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Sales & Marketing Alignment from Oracle Eloqua

Marketing Automation

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Boost Marketing and Sales Alignment to Increase ROI

  • Unify Buyer Intelligence. Deploy detailed information about a prospect including web activity, email opens, form submits, and social activity to provide a more complete picture of the buyer and help Sales tailor their conversations to their specific interests.
  • Identify and Prioritize High Value Opportunities. Use multifactor lead scores to identify and prioritize sales opportunities directly within the CRM.
  • Engage Prospects and Track Communications. Quickly identify opportunities, engage prospects in relevant communications, and track web activities throughout the sales cycle.
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Accelerate Sales = Drive Revenue

Marketers can enable sales to accelerate the sales cycle by providing accurate leads and helping to quickly and efficiently engage their prospects.
  • Strengthen marketing and sales alignment by providing relevant communications, identifying the interests and sales readiness of their buyer, and tracking web activities throughout the sales cycle. 
  • Information can be shared freely between sales and marketing and is available within the CRM immediately.
  • Empower sales to communicate and engage the prospect with precision by providing optimum visibility into the customer journey.
White Paper
Oracle Marketing Cloud

The CMO Solution Guide to Building A Modern Marketing Organization

Progressive CMOs and senior digital marketing executives explain how to build more effective Modern Marketing teams that deliver better business results and customer experiences.


CSC Drives Deeper Customer and Prospect Dialogs with Oracle

CSC uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to create a deeper dialog with customers and prospects for nurture and conversion using better data, detailed personas, and consistent methods throughout the lifecycle.

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Cross Channel

Molex Manufactures Success with Multimode Lead Scoring

Molex redesigned their one-size-fits-all lead management approach to achieve success.

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“From a metrics standpoint, since we first implemented multimode lead scoring models, we have seen an increase in the number of MQLs quarter over quarter from the same time frame last year of 93%.”

Don Gushurst | Director, Marketing Operation Services, Molex
White Paper

The Forrester Wave™: Lead-To-Revenue Management Platform Vendors

This Forrester Wave reports on lead-to-revenue platform providers in Q4 2016. Forrester named Oracle a leader in the category with the highest possible score in 36 criteria.

Selling Marketing Automation

How to Sell Marketing Automation to Executives

Make an effective marketing automation pitch to your CEO, CFO, or CIO by crafting a persuasive argument that’s relevant to their objectives and concerns.

Lead Nurturing Guide — Oracle Marketing Cloud

Lead Nurturing

Nurturing leads with content based on who and where prospects are in the buying process can improve sales success.

  • White Paper

    Gartner Positions Oracle in Leaders Quadrant

    Gartner Positions Oracle in Leaders Quadrant in the 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs.

  • Guide
    Lead Scoring Guide

    Lead Scoring

    Lead scoring ranks leads to align follow-up to inquiry, identify where a prospect is in the buying process, and improve marketing and sales collaboration using an objective process.

  • Guide
    Digital Body Language

    Digital Body Language

    Buyers are more educated and have greater leverage in the negotiation process. Modern Marketers are adapting marketing and sales processes to the Digital Body Language of prospects.

  • Guide
    Marketing Automation Simplified

    Marketing Automation Simplified

    Successful email marketing, demand generation, and lead management processes hinge on marketing automation — a modern strategy aligned to buyer needs across all phases of the buying process.

  • Guide

    Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Cross-Channel Marketing

    The customer experience as we know it is broken, out of order, or at best in life support. How can this be with all the advances in digital marketing?