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Oracle HCM Cloud 2019 Fall Product Update

Work Made Human Through Continuous Innovation.

Work Made Human

In a world where people’s lives are dominated by technology, it’s not surprising that CHROs are focusing more attention on human experiences in the workplace. In fact, the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report reveals that 84% of CHROs consider human experiences important or very important, but only 43% describe their organization as prepared.

Oracle is working to help close that gap with tools built to achieve one goal: Work Made Human. Oracle HCM Cloud's 2019 Fall Update focuses on two key areas for delivering new innovation—human experience and business agility.

Human Experience

At Oracle, we're evolving from providing satisfying user experiences to prioritizing human experiences. We’re doing this by making transactions, processes, and interactions smarter, simpler, and more seamless than ever.

  • Engage in natural conversations with digital assistants
  • Evolve the employee experience with tools to get more connected with coworkers and build a personal brand

Business Agility

Today's HR professional has a responsibility to create seamless processes that make the organization run smoothly and consistently. With this update to Oracle HCM Cloud, we provide smarter tools that foster responsiveness through rules-based automation.

  • Apply policies quickly, easily, and consistently across represented worker groups
  • Make the complex simple by showing a complete view of event-based processes, and automating them

Oracle HCM Cloud User Experience

See how Oracle HCM Cloud is focusing on creating human experiences and strengthening business agility to achieve one goal: Work Made Human.