Why choose Oracle Configure, Price, Quote vs. Salesforce CPQ

Top 4 reasons to choose Oracle Configure, Price, Quote for your CPQ needs


Scalable to meet business needs

Grow your business intelligently and keep quotes accurate and secure as you add new personnel and products. Oracle Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) is an agile and flexible cloud-based solution that grows with your organization to support large, complex quotes, orders, and configurations. Whereas Salesforce regularly relies on partners to handle complicated configured systems and products, Oracle CPQ is designed to connect the front- and back-office and can be easily adopted by sales teams, partners, and users to deliver an intuitive and responsive customer experience.

Unlike Salesforce’s CPQ solution, which is built on a restrictive, multitenant platform, Oracle CPQ is purpose-built, allowing you to deliver a separate instance for each client.


Connected for a 360-degree customer view

Oracle CPQ unifies customer data across your CRM and ERP systems—seamlessly tying the front- and back-office together. A 360-degree customer view means you can deliver connected pricing, inventory, customer data, and other key data points to shorten the sales cycle time, improve margins, and support more complex deals.

Unlike Salesforce’s CPQ, which relies on third-party integrations and partner solutions to fill integration gaps1, Oracle’s CPQ allows you to invest in a single, forward-looking solution that’s not tied to one proprietary platform. Save time and money by choosing the one CPQ solution which is supported by an industry-leading, open, and standards-based PaaS to meet all your organization’s needs.


Predictable recurring revenue models

Oracle CPQ provides robust support for subscription ordering with Oracle Subscription Management. Configure and manage complex subscription annuities, software license contracts, support agreements, and renewals easily including end dates and prorated pricing. With Oracle CPQ, you can leverage your existing investments to natively support your subscription ordering and management needs.

Alternatively, Salesforce requires the use of their CRM and CPQ platforms for subscription billing services—keeping you from choosing the CRM and CPQ of your choice. In addition, Salesforce has limited flexibility for its usage-based pricing model. Their CPQ only supports simple recurring revenue and subscription models.


Seamless multichannel sales opportunities

Oracle CPQ help you drive all processes across sales channels, allowing inside field, channel, and self-service sellers to rapidly configure, price, and present solutions, contracts, and subscription ordering natively—no third-party partner functionality is needed.

With Salesforce, supporting multichannel sales often requires partner plug-ins, new licensing parameters, or multiple CPQ instances, which all add cost and complexity.1

The path to sales success: score your organization’s sales strategy.

With Oracle CPQ, we have significantly accelerated our sales cycle, approximately halving the time to calculate and issue complex and highly customized insurance offers. The Oracle solution is one of our first in the cloud, and it has become a showcase, demonstrating that our strategy works.

Grégory Barbé, CIO, Covea Group

Streamline your quote-to-cash sales process with Oracle CPQ

Increase profits with CPQ

Help your sellers choose the right offers, increase deal value, and accelerate opportunities to close using Oracle Configure, Price, Quote’s smart quoting capabilities which provide easy-to-follow steps that identify customer needs and recommend relevant product offers. Your reps will also be equipped with consistent, real-time pricing and discounting data based on current promotions and regulations—all from a single platform with no hidden costs. All of which helps you work better, smarter, and faster.

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Oracle CX customer success stories

Leading companies around the world are choosing Oracle CPQ to improve their configuring, pricing, and quoting to help their sellers close more deals.

Business Advantage

Oracle CPQ

Salesforce CPQ

Supports all price types and revenue models
Limited Solution
Enterprise-grade scalability
Any CRM & ERP integration
Unavailable/ Partner Solution
Single tenancy
Point and click administration
Limited Solution

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