Boost Marketing and Sales Alignment and ROI

Oracle Eloqua’s marketing automation platform brings marketing and sales closer together, allowing for unified buyer intelligence to identify, prioritize, and track high-valued opportunities across the engagement cycle. The ability to deploy detailed information about a prospect—including web activity, email opens, form submits, and social activity—provides sales with a more complete and prioritized picture of the potential opportunities and buyer interests.

Share Strategic Profile Information and Activities

    • Track Behaviors: Track web activities and communication in real-time throughout the sales cycle using Profiler.
    • Identify Prospects: Google Chrome extension helps sales identify account prospects at a specific company.
    • Mobilize Profiles: View contact profiles, scores, and activity on the go via mobile.
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Identify Ideal Opportunities By Measuring Lead Quality

  • Create Synergy: Sync sales and marketing activity data between Oracle Eloqua and CRMs.
  • Build Trust: Leads are automatically routed throughout campaign to ensure no lead falls between the cracks.
  • Prioritize Leads: Utilize multifactor scores to prioritize and route the hottest, most engaged prospects and accounts in real-time directly within the CRM.
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Engage Prospects Directly to Close Deals Faster

  • Engage and Personalize Communications: Customize, send, and track prebuilt, marketing approved email templates using Oracle Eloqua’s Engage, the CRM, or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Receive real-time web visitor alerts and activities to accelerate sales rep communications.
  • Share Content: Enable sales to deploy and track relevant content using professional communications to nurture and close deals.
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Accelerate Sales = Drive Revenue

Marketers can enable sales to accelerate the sales cycle by providing accurate leads and helping to quickly and efficiently engage their prospects.

  • Strengthen marketing and sales alignment by providing relevant communications, identifying the interests and sales readiness of their buyer, and tracking web activities throughout the sales cycle.
  • Information can be shared freely between sales and marketing and is available within the CRM immediately.
  • Empower sales to communicate and engage the prospect with precision by providing optimum visibility into the customer journey.
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