Oracle Intelligent Bots

Oracle Intelligent Bots
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Simply Intelligent

Intelligent bots are computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations with people. The recent advancements in machine learning and the convergence of compute power and big data are bringing artificial intelligence into the mainstream. Intelligent bots will transform every facet of every industry and dramatically improve the customer experience. Oracle is committed to using this transformative technology to help our customers succeed.

In the Spotlight

  • What is a Chatbot?

    What is a Chatbot?

    Learn how chatbots will change the way you build apps.

    Watch the video (2:19)
  • Larry Ellison Introduces Chatbots at OpenWorld

    Larry Ellison Introduces Chatbots at OpenWorld

    Watch Larry Ellison introduce one of the most innovative technologies that will transform your business.

    Watch the video (8:17)
  • Chatbots 101

    Chatbots 101

    Check out these insightful stats on how bots will change the landscape and interface of future applications.

    View the infographic (PDF)

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