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Modern Finance Experience

Explore finance and technology best practices of the new value creators: CFOs, whose digital business models are reshaping the future of the global economy.

Hosted by Oracle CEO Safra Catz.

Winning the War for Finance Talent
Winning the War for Finance Talent

The digital age has redefined business. Read the new WSJ. Custom Studios white paper sponsored by Oracle and discover the game plan to build the modern finance organisation.


Empowering Modern Finance
Platform of Choice for CFOs Worldwide

More than 600 customers have selected Oracle’s rich, integrated suite of cloud services to drive growth and innovation.


Oracle Buys TOA Technologies
New Finance Best Practices for the Digital Age

CFOs are uniquely positioned to transform how value is created with modern, digitally-enabled business models. Read the report and discover the new finance best practices shaped by 20+ CFOs, finance executives, and third-party experts.

Learn from Growing Enterprises
Learn from Growing Enterprises

Oracle ERP Cloud is helping the California Academy of Sciences, Curse, and Lending Club modernize their finance organizations, support rapid growth, and ensure the security of their data. Find out how.

Modern ERP Cloud Solutions

Empower Your People with a Modern Cloud

Equip your workforce with a modern ERP and empower them toward higher levels of productivity.

Modern ERP Cloud Solutions Infographic

Empowers your people to get work done anytime and anywhere, increasing their productivity and improving their satisfaction.

ERP Cloud

Attract top talent, engage your workforce and ultimately drive greater productivity.


Is real-time and relevant to each user’s role, providing users with instant, accurate, actionable information.


Is embedded in the business processes, enabling users to quickly perform tasks and resolve issues.


Oracle ERP for Midsize Companies

Oracle ERP for Midsize Companies

You can't build the business of tomorrow with a legacy system. Grow your business smarter, faster, and more reliably with Oracle ERP Cloud.

In the Spotlight

ERP Cloud Selection Guidance for Midsize Organizations


Oracle ERP Cloud a Leader in ERP Value Matrix
Nucleus Research Value Matrix

Companies seek ERP vendors that help them get more value from innovation while providing advances in functionality, usability, and thought leadership. Oracle ERP scores high in the leader quadrant.

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Modern Finance Best Practices in the Digital Age
Expert Panel Gives Insights on Financial Transformation

Explore how big data, analytics, and the cloud can help you grow digital sales, reduce costs, mitigate risk, and accelerate ROI.

White Paper: Arm yourself with a finance department ready for business today

White Paper

Win the War for Finance Talent
Arm Yourself with a Finance Department Ready for Business Today

The digital age has redefined business. Read the new WSJ. Custom Studios white paper sponsored by Oracle and discover the game plan to build a modern finance organization.


Are Your Best Practices Modern

Why Do You Need Modern Best Practice?

Increase business agility. Achieve more, faster, and with less resources. With the following key enablers: the cloud, mobile, social, analytics, the internet of things, and big data, you can transform your business for the future.

Learn more about modern best practice
California Academy of Sciences
California Academy of Sciences Moves Up to Oracle ERP Cloud

I love the idea that the Oracle system is cloud-based. It is cutting-edge just like our research and so it's going to bring us into the 21st century finally with our accounting product.

—Kristin Klingvall, Controller, California Academy of Sciences
AT&T Delivers Finance Transformation
AT&T Delivers Finance Transformation

The beauty of the systems is that it allows the talented people with analytical skills to use their time in that area as opposed to their time in collecting, aggregating, and assembling data.

—John Stephens, Chief Financial Officer, AT&T
Walgreens Delivers
Modernizing Finance at Curse

The ERP Cloud system essentially takes away that second tier of accounting systems that companies would traditionally start with... The new product allows for smaller companies to get in earlier and as a result takes away a lot of the pain of having to do that second transition.

—Brandon Byrne, VP of Finance, Curse, Inc.

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