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Oracle Communications

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Operators around the world are delivering better customer experience, business agility, and time-to-market results.


Enter the NOW Economy

Whether you are a network operator, enterprise leader, or government executive, success increasingly depends on personalized customer experiences, innovative digital business models, and a collaborative work environment, all on an agile IT and network platform.

Enterprise Communications icon Enterprise Communications

Stake your claim, ensure your future in the fourth industrial revolution
Enterprise Communications

Leverage communications as the key enabler of strategic competitive advantage, connecting people, devices, and applications with enterprise-class security, reliability, and speed.

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Shift your business from opex to innovation for the NOW Economy
Service Provider

Service providers want to ensure their investments in virtualization, orchestration, cloud, and communications-enabled applications will deliver a cost-optimized, more competitive position.

One Device, Two Profiles background
One Device, Two Profiles

Mast Mobile satisfies customer desire for dual-persona mobile devices with its innovative offer. Two profiles, two bills, with complete privacy between them.

Aspider-NGI Enables IoT Success, Profit background
Aspider-NGI Enables IoT Success, Profit

Aspider-NGI helps IoT provider, Wyles, deliver essential healthcare, security, and telemetry services with a managed service of private network, operations, and business applications.

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Secure Enterprise Unified Communications

Telesphere drives automation into its complex diagnostic and fraud detection operations to maintain its customers' enterprise networks and unified communications applications.

In the Spotlight

Press release: Enable enterprises to compete in the NOW Economy

Press release

Oracle and AT&T Enter Into Strategic Agreement
Company Selects Oracle Cloud

AT&T accelerates network transformation and migration to Oracle cloud.

Webcast: Have CSPs Gotten Virtualization Back on Track?


Have CSPs Gotten Virtualization Back on Track?
Plan, Deploy, Spend

Hear the results of the latest Future of Virtualization indexes and the implication for CSPs.

Event: Oracle Communications @ 5G World


Oracle Communications @ 5G World
June 13-15, London, UK

Do you have your strategy for migrating from LTE to 5G? We can help.

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