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Connect Everything


Simplify Integration and Extend Your Reach

The explosive growth of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and mobile devices is creating an urgent need for organizations to integrate existing business applications with new mobile, content, and process business initiatives. Throughout the world, in every industry, a wave of automation led by machine intelligence and pervasive computing is reshaping the business landscape.

Clearly, this is the time to extend your reach. To find new ways to engage everything with mobile and API-first modern application development platforms. To simplify your business, with faster, more agile integrations that can connect any application—across any cloud.

Yet, the integration of customer experience (CX) and ERP applications—both cloud and on premises—requires more than simply connecting a few web services calls. There are important authentication issues to consider, such as session management and transformation mappings. Application version number mismatches, upfront set-up, and tedious security work create additional challenges.

Until recently, most integration tools were too complicated and rigid for the job, resulting in costly delays and error-prone attempts at application integration, while SaaS-embedded integration tools didn’t address real-world business requirements. Moreover, these integration tools lacked recent innovations that could dramatically simplify integration projects, such as built-in guidance recommendations and prebuilt integration.

Oracle Integration Cloud Service can handle your mission-critical integrations. This powerful Oracle Cloud integration platform brings the disconnected worlds of SaaS and on-premises applications together. Oracle Integration Cloud Service includes an intuitive, web-based integration designer for point-and-click integration between applications. A graphically rich monitoring dashboard provides real-time insight into integration flows.

Whether you want to simplify lead-to-opportunity, opportunity-to-quote, opportunity-to-order, return merchandise authorization, procure-to-pay, or a wide range of other CX and ERP integration processes, Oracle Integration Cloud Service gets you where you need to be—faster and easier.

Sales and Service Application Integration
Sales and Service Application Integration icon CX Application Integration

Sales and Service Application Integration

Oracle prebuilt integrations jumpstart your integration with run-ready CX processes. Select from a large library of Oracle and non-Oracle applications adapters to eliminate the manual process of custom-coded web service integration.

ERP Application Integration
ERP Application Integration icon ERP Application Integration

Automate Core Business Application Integrations

Modernize your ERP without throwing away what works with integrations between legacy applications and your cloud-first strategy. Leverage the simplicity of Oracle Cloud for hybrid SaaS and on-premises application integration.

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