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    Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Oracle Messaging Cloud Service?

    Oracle Messaging Cloud Service is a lightweight cloud-based messaging solution that enables reliable communication between Internet-connected software components.

  • Who is the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service designed for?

    Oracle Messaging Cloud Service is designed for developers who need to build solutions, which span multiple machines and even multiple data centers. Developers will find the interfaces to Oracle Messaging Cloud Service immediately familiar and intuitive since the service is designed around the principles found in JMS.

  • How can I use the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service?

    The Oracle Messaging Cloud Service can be used through a REST API and a JMS interface provided by a Java library. Both interfaces can be used from any computer connected to the Internet. The Java library is actually just a client of the REST API. Both the REST API and Java library can be used to manage resources, such as destinations, as well as transmit messages.

  • How do I get started with Oracle Messaging Cloud Service?

    To get started with the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service first signup for a free trial. Then review the documentation and follow the tutorials in the Oracle Learning Library.

  • What is the maximum message size?

    The maximum size of a message that can be sent through the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service is 512kb.

  • How long can messages persist on a Destination?

    Messages can persist on Destinations for up to 2 weeks before they are automatically deleted.

  • How can I receive messages on-premises from the Oracle Cloud Messaging Service?

    There are two methods where systems on-premises can receive messages from Oracle Messaging Cloud Service. First, the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service can "push" messages using Message Push Listeners to a Internet-accessible URL exposed by a system on-premises. Second, systems on-premises can poll periodically using the REST API for new messages from the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service.