What Is a Jump Start Demo Lab?

Jump Start Demo Labs will help you learn about Docker Containers, Kubernetes, Microservices, and other technologies. The labs are free and hands-on in a fully functional Oracle Cloud environment. Each lab will take about 20 minutes to complete using the provided step-by-step instructions.


Demo Labs on Oracle Cloud

Introduction to Docker on Oracle Cloud

In this demo lab, you’ll get an introduction to Docker, Container Architectures, and Container Functions. In an Oracle Cloud environment, you’ll provision a Docker multicontainer application running in Oracle Compute Cloud Service on a VM Standard footprint. You’ll look at various application components deployed in three Docker containers, connect to your account using VNC Viewer, perform Docker commands to see various aspects of the setup, and access an application to edit the UI Docker container to make visual changes.

Microservices on Kubernetes

You’ll begin your container-native development journey in this demo lab. Dive into a Kubernetes sandbox environment partially running a microservices application. Learn about components like Deployments, Services, Replica Sets, and Pods that make up an application in Kubernetes.

Before the demo lab is over, using a prewritten deployment descriptor, you’ll deploy the application yourself, gaining a thorough understanding of how the two microservices discover and interact with each other. Finally, you’ll scale out one of the services to learn how to handle peak traffic.

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