Oracle Commerce Service Center

Streamline Customer Service Across All Touchpoints

Deliver the best customer service and drive repeat business with faster problem resolution and a personalized, consistent experience.

Oracle Commerce Service Center


Oracle Commerce Service Center benefits

A Modern Commerce Service Center

  • Empower contact center agents and site visitors to resolve issues and complete transactions
  • Deliver superior, just-in-time, personalized, and consistent customer service across the full lifecycle
  • Increase revenue by turning the service center into a sales center
  • Seamlessly help customers across channels, from web to e-mail, contact center, mobile, social, and more
  • Deliver personally relevant information to each customer at the right time
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M.Video Selects Oracle Commerce Solutions to Support Growth and Develop a Complete Customer Experience
The experience we deliver to our customers is key to our success. Oracle Commerce will help us to engage more effectively with our customers at whichever touch point they use and deliver that superior and consistent experience that increases loyalty and customer satisfaction, and supports growth.
-- Chris Mangham, CIO, M.Video

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