Field Service Mobility—Features

Best-in-Class Mobility

Empower field employees with everything they need to succeed—delivered right to their mobile device. Browser-based mobile app drives productivity with instant access to accurate information.

  • Allow mobile employees to view their daily schedule with current, pending and completed jobs visible on a single screen.

  • Flexible configuration allows mobile employees to see detailed job information including customer data, driving directions and work order details.

  • Monitor both customer and mobile employee equipment, with the ability to track required parts and inventory for each new job.

  • Empower field service employees to book follow up field service events directly from their mobile application.

  • Allow customers to choose the day and time that’s most convenient for a follow up appointment, based on real-time field workforce capacity and availability.

  • Easily configure additional screens such as required forms, prompts or questionnaires tailored to support your unique business processes.

  • Ensure customer satisfaction before completing a job with built-in signature (or photo) capture.



  • Flexible, browser-based mobile apps

    • Reduce costs and eliminate complex device management by supporting the device of choice.
  • Intuitive, highly configurable user interface

    • Customize the mobile app to match your specific business model and processes with the WYSIWYG form editor.
  • Real-time access to job, customer, inventory, and route data

    • Empower field employees to be more productive. Streamline communication between colleagues and the back office.
  • Job detail documentation

    • Enable field employees to easily capture pictures, employee or customer signatures, scan barcodes, and track time spent on each job.
  • Role-based access

    • Display as much or as little information to the mobile employee as desired, whether an in-house or third-party resource.
  • Complete offline availability and persistence

    • Enable mobile employees to store data in the browser cache so they can continue working even when connectivity is lost.

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