Oracle Social Cloud Roles

Oracle Social Cloud Roles
Socially Aware

Social media is not just for marketers anymore.

Social media is a communication channel between your business and a large, highly engaged audience. Leverage social media for marketing, sales, customer service, and commerce.

#1 Online

Social is the No. 1 online activity with 1/5th of time spent on social.

1 in 3

1 in 3 customers prefer to contact brands via social over the telephone.


More than 50% of the world’s 2.4B Internet users access a social network.


Place high importance on becoming a socially enabled enterprise.

Chief Information Officer

Integrate and Simplify

As a Chief Information Officer, you want all your technology to work seamlessly with each other. Only Oracle can integrate social media with a suite of Customer Experience (CX) apps.


Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing Becomes More Social

As a Chief Marketing Officer, you want to generate awareness, demand, and sales. You need to connect and engage with customers while showing ROI on marketing activities to management. See how Oracle Social can help you reach your marketing goals.

Community Manager

Be Engaging, Be Insightful, Be Present

As a Community Manager, you want to engage your audience, get useful insights based on audience data, and publish the most relevant content at the most relevant time. See how Oracle Social can help you reach your community management goals.

Vice President of Customer Service

Deliver Great Customer Experiences

As a Vice President of Customer Service, you want to deliver great customer experiences. You need to listen and respond to customers on social media, resolve support issues, and track customer service successes. See how Oracle Social can help you reach your customer service goals.


Vice President of Sales

Use Social Media to Sell More

As a Vice President of Sales, you want to sell more products and services. You need to understand your prospects needs, generate more sales leads, and enable social collaboration. See how Oracle Social can help you reach your sales goals.

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