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Digital Services

Shorten Your Path to ROI with Rapid Implementation

Get up and running quickly

Your implementation services team will partner with you to ensure the implementation of your Oracle Marketing Cloud Technology is perfectly attuned to your technical infrastructure while also configured for your specific marketing, business, and analytics goals. Learn technical best practices in relation to data ingestion, data modeling, data analytics and cross-channel data activation to serve as a sound foundation for the execution of your marketing strategies and campaigns. 
Whether you are looking for some light assistance during your implementation or a full-service solution, we offer a variety of implementation packages ranging in price and scope to fit your particular needs and budget. Our experts work with you to determine the proper scope for your implementation and design an implementation service to suit your marketing programs.
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Accelerate Time to Value with Implementation Services

Customers use Oracle Marketing Cloud Implementation Services to accelerate time to value and marketing impact by tailoring marketing automation technology to the company's unique business processes.
Oracle Marketing Cloud Onboarding

Rely on our proven implementation approach based on successful enablement of hundreds of customers.

Web and Mobile Data Management and Integration

Understand your data and how to normalize, centralize, and utilize it to drive more intelligent marketing and analytics.

Offline Data Onboarding

Bring your valuable offline data (CRM, POS, etc.) online to power digital marketing across all online and/or mobile marketing channels.

Data Model Design

Choose the right data model to power your specific email marketing needs.

Content Workflows and Tracking

Set up automated workflows to publish your content and measure engagement.

Solution Architecture

Businesses are unique and not all solutions are pre-defined. We help you design a solution that fits the particular marketing and analytics needs of your business.


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