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Digital Services

Accelerate Your Marketing Success with Strategic Services

Focusing On Strategic Initiatives to Drive Performance

What is the path to success for your unique business using marketing cloud technology?
Real marketing success starts with customers. With Oracle Marketing Cloud Strategic Services, you’ll develop deeper customer insights, implement targeted marketing programs, and enable true cross-channel integration – boosting overall marketing ROI. Customer analytics is the driver of your success. That’s why you need to predict and react to customer behavior even faster to develop proactive, customer-targeted marketing programs.   
Measurable Results from Clients
Our clients get results. Those who work with our strategic services team realize 35% better overall email engagement than clients who do not work with strategic services. 

Achieve Marketing Success by Design with Strategic Services
Customers achieve Modern Marketing success with Oracle Marketing Cloud Strategic Services by employing data-driven methods, innovative best practices, and personalization to align marketing strategies with unique business needs.

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Customer Spotlight: Behavioral contact strategy for multi-channel retailer

We partnered with a large apparel retailer to maximize holiday revenue and increase customer engagement. The team developed a series of high-impact behavioral triggers that included an assessment and opportunity prioritization, program blueprint design, and strategic testing plan.
Results: $4 Million in revenue
The new strategy resulted in $4 million of incremental revenue in the first five months, a 40% lift in revenue, and a 300% increase in engagement rates vs. promotional campaigns.

Customer Spotlight: Transforming an enterprise retail email program

A large retailer partnered with our team to develop a best-in-class email program. Our integrated solution across technical, data, strategic, and creative services included content targeting and personalization, lifecycle contact strategy, responsive design, creative optimization, and cross-channel orchestration.
Results: 28% increase in email revenue
The client achieved an 80% increase in targeted content, and a 28% growth in email revenue. Triggered messaging volume grew from 1% to 15% of total communications, and drove 51% of email revenue.
Customer Insights
Helping you align marketing insights with customer behavior, enabling smarter targeting strategies and long-term customer engagement.
  • Revenue driver (eRFM) model: Score customers based on email activity (hyperactive vs. lapsing) and customer value. Use insights to develop targeted programs to increase engagement, control frequency and drive long-term value. 
  • Churn predictor model: Identify churn drivers and select customers who are most likely to churn. 
  • Purchase predictor model: Flag purchase drivers and select customers who are most likely to purchase again.
  • Content personalizer model: Identify email content targeting opportunities based on click and purchase activity 
  • DMP cross-channel behavior model: Identify new audiences to target, new spots to place media and inform media sequencing and cadence.
Program Accelerators
Developing a prioritized list of initiatives guiding you towards proven strategies while staying away from low-ROI initiatives. Select services are offered based on your needs and location. Some examples include:
  • Mobile Performance Accelerator Pack: Use our mobile strategy experts to develop a cohesive mobile strategy—from push to SMS to mobile web. 
  • Email Performance Accelerator Pack: Use our proven email scorecard and roadmap approach to understand where your email program is excelling and where it needs to be improved by comparing your program to marketing leaders. Get a prioritized list of marketing initiatives that are designed to accelerate overall email performance.
  • DMP Performance Accelerator Pack: Generate fast results through our deep dive into your business goals and data to craft highly specific strategic use cases, identify cross-channel targeting opportunities, and create a roadmap for long-term success.
  • Modular Accelerator Pack: Guided digital marketing discussions based on your business needs.  Prioritized learning modules and activities are assembled into an 18-month roadmap.
  • Marketing Transformation Accelerator Pack: Guided digital marketing execution plan for marketers who have invested in a multi-platform approach to their digital marketing ecosystem.
Cross-Channel Orchestration
Making the most of your cross channel technology investment by aligning your digital targeting strategies.
  • Monitor behavior of customers as they move seamlessly between email, social, mobile, website, and display. 
  • Get integrated contact strategies to help you break free of channel centric marketing silos.
  • Shift towards an orchestrated and customer-led marketing approach that drives ROI.
Smart Testing
Using testing as the key to long-term program optimization and ongoing revenue growth. 
  • Rely on our strategists and analysts to develop a strategic testing plan across your digital programs.
  • Prioritize testing opportunities based on business needs, audience engagement insights, and program metrics.
  • Drive ongoing performance improvements through an always-on approach to testing.
Ongoing Strategic Performance Retainers
Taking your marketing program to the next level with our experienced strategic and analytics consultants.
  • Get experts to work with you on a monthly basis to accelerate your marketing success. 
  • Let us create a strategic marketing roadmap, develop customer segmentation, build automated lifecycle marketing programs, and enable true cross-channel coordination and integration.
  • Leverage our strategists as change agents for your business using their experience with what works (and what doesn’t) to generate world class results.
Ongoing Planning
Scheduled planning sessions based on your needs and roadmap. Select services are offered based on your needs and location. An example includes:
  • Quarterly Planning Sessions: Analyze previous roadmap activity and performance, and determine activities for the next 3 months for optimal success. Services included are 4 x 3-4hr workshop sessions, onsite client discussions, key metric benchmarking, best practice sharing, competitor review, recommendations, and prioritized action plan for the upcoming quarter.

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