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Content Marketing

Scale Content Across the Customer Lifecycle

Plan, Produce, and Deliver Engaging Content

The right content across multiple personas and channels.
Organizations must create the right content for the right person at the right time delivered through the right channel. Oracle Content Marketing makes it easy for everyone in your organization—and even your customers—to create and distribute compelling content across multiple channels to the people you want to reach. Now you can plan, produce, and deliver engaging content across multiple personas and channels throughout the customer lifecycle.

Content performance metrics and ROI.
You’ve put together a successful content marketing program. Now you need to show that. Metrics are the currency of the new economy and without them your efforts are hard to defend.
PLAN: Define your strategy on one intuitive marketing calendar.
PRODUCE: Make it easy to use so everyone in the organization can participate.
PUBLISH: Push content to your blog, content hub, microsystem, and cross-channel marketing platform.
PROMOTE: Schedule and promote content to social channels through our built in social publishing platform or with Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM).
PROVE: Quantify to justify with reporting on a content marketing dashboard.

Modern Marketing Essentials Guide: Content Marketing

Content marketing is driving how marketing organizations engage their audiences. But in our consumer-empowered world, it’s become more difficult for marketers to cut through clutter.




Putting content planning into one intuitive calendar based tool.
  • Enhance the relevancy of individual content pieces by mapping and organizing them according to personas and customer position in the engagement cycle.
  • Integrate with cross-channel marketing and social to organize and view all content, campaigns, and social promotions on one marketing calendar.
  • Reduce the steps it takes to plan content lineups.
  • Set up custom workflows for approval based on content type, author, or other parameters.
  • Use in-depth topic modeling features to develop content creation plans.
  • Set up custom rights and roles for each user to align with business security policies.


Connecting content to digital conversations, email marketing, and customer interactions.
  • Create your own compelling content and reimagine the content that is already around you to engage your customers.
  • Make everyone in your organization a content creator with a comprehensive suite of tools that motivates and rewards them for their contributions.
  • Assign data attributes to each piece of content such as persona, engagement stage, campaign category, and topic.
  • Set up custom data attributes to align with business needs.
  • Receive a content score to ensure each best practice is followed and keywords are used in each piece of content.
  • Create and organize content based on a variety of content types such as images, videos, or text.
  • Ask customers to share their experiences with you in their own words and build impactful third-party endorsements.


Placing your content where your consumers will view it is part of a successful formula.
  • Easily publish content to a website, blog, email, and landing pages in one simple step.
  • Capitalize at the moment of engagement with dynamic calls to action based on author, category, campaign, or other variable.
  • Choose platforms that produce results on a campaign-by-campaign basis.
  • Leverage custom created content hubs built to reflect your brand’s valuable image.
  • Minimize the time required of your IT teams with simplicity of integration.


Getting the word out quickly once you’ve got something to say is integral to your success.
  • Use Dynamic Cloud Content to pull in the most relevant pieces of content into your emails and landing pages.
  • Promote content to any social channel. Content is at your fingertips and can easily be re-promoted at any time.
  • Produce content that is optimized for search engines on your corporate website and associated blogs.
  • Create metadata tags, title tags, and keyword descriptions that attract visits.
  • Place and promote stories on established social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  • Build out Content Buckets to promote content in a newsletter-like format or to build custom content landing pages.


Proving your content’s success with reporting and tracking features to show ROI.
  • Review a multitude of critical metrics from a single dashboard.
  • Gain insights, results, and customer sentiment from a one-stop hub.
  • Know which stories generate the widest reach and most cost-effective sales conversion.
  • Refine, modify, test, and evaluate content to determine incremental increases and greater engagement.
  • Maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) success in all major search engines with optimized content.

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