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Oracle Maxymizer

Testing & Personalization

Oracle Maxymiser


Optimize every digital experience

Transform your business with Oracle Maxymiser’s advanced website testing and personalization solutions. Remove the guesswork and make data-driven decisions on websites and mobile apps to create a seamless and connected customer experience.
From simple A/B to complex multivariate tests, Oracle Maxymiser’s intuitive self-serve interface, advanced personalization tools, and robust insights make it easy.

Drive online conversions and revenue

Increasing online conversions while also driving incremental revenue can be challenging. With Oracle Maxymiser, marketers can optimize every part of the online and mobile app customer experience including website homepages, campaign landing pages, and multistep checkout funnels. Convert more visitors into customers, increase engagement and revenue —and keep them coming back for more.

Make it personal

In today’s competitive space, digital experiences are what set businesses apart. For both B2B and B2C customers, it’s important to make those experiences as meaningful and relevant to each individual as possible by tailoring content to their specific needs and preferences. With Oracle Maxymiser, marketers have access to an easy-to-use import tool to leverage data from any source and build rich customer profiles for more precise targeting and personalization.

Uncover missed opportunities

Discover the most promising opportunities and drive incremental revenue with Oracle Maxymiser’s automated insights capabilities. See which customers are over or underperforming on sites, and mine test data to automatically uncover customer preferences to know exactly where and
why to personalize.

Complex tests made easy

With seamless switching between visual editing and code, Oracle Maxymiser’s next generation visual editor helps enable better collaboration between non-technical and technical users. Whether running a simple AB test or a complex multi-page funnel test, the process is easy.
Plus, with today’s world of evolving web technologies, Oracle provides market-leading support for responsive sites and single-page applications.


Stats you can trust

Oracle Maxymiser’s stats engine enables marketers to easily conclude tests with confidence. With advanced filtering
options and guided test monitoring and notifications,
marketers can make timely and accurate data-driven
decisions—without needing a PhD in math.


Website optimization server-side

Oracle Maxymiser’s powerful server-side capabilities enable developers to programmatically access the decision engine and action tracking functionality of the platform. From testing on non-browser devices such as kiosks and smart TVs, to testing a new pricing algorithm, Oracle has unlocked a whole new world for developers.


Optimize anywhere

Build and deliver tests with an intuitive visual editor that functions across web, mobile sites and apps. And with no App Store submissions or approvals required, you can get your tests out the door and in front of customers in record time.
Oracle Maxymiser has Six Key Attributes that Marketers Love and IT Trusts



Advanced targeting and segmentation with robust insights


Reporting & Statistics


Guided campaign monitoring and advanced analytics

Cross Device Campaigns


Create powerful, complex campaigns for virtually any type of site or device



Simple to deploy and easy to use, get up and testing in no time



Oracle’s Maxymiser’s synchronous delivery minimizes latency and content ‘flicker’

Security & Data Privacy


Oracle Maxymiser’s highly secure platform allows testing on all site areas while protecting your data


Leverage the power of Oracle Marketing Cloud

Oracle Maxymiser’s open platform open and customizable APIs allow marketers to connect data across the platforms they most prefer. Built to meet the increasing needs and requirements associated with enterprise level scale and security, Oracle Marketing Cloud products have proven integrations that allow for easy connection to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data for testing, personalization, and optimization initiatives on websites and mobile apps.

Oracle Responsys delivers winning formula for animation software PowToon

Animation software company PowToon, turned to Oracle Marketing Cloud to re-engage users, through a safe and effective cart abandonment campaign.

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Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance Personalizes Quote Funnel to Drive Conversions by 56%

Mercury Insurance generated 19.9% conversion rate of Basic insurance package after implementing personalization.

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“Oracle Responsys A/B testing capabilities make our content optimization seamless. We increased efficiency by applying an automated messaging approach that was triggered by ongoing user behavior, instead of using recurring broadcast campaigns.”

Ofir Platner | Head of Online Marketing Operations & Analytics | PowToon

CXO Buyer’s Guide

Successful CXO requires an optimization platform that supports testing and personalization for web, mobile, and apps with data integration.

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Maxymiser A/B Testing & Optimization

The Forrester Wave: Online Testing Platforms

Oracle’s Maxymiser received the highest scores for both Current Offering and Strategy among all vendors in The Forrester Wave™: Online Testing Platforms, Q3 2015. Read Forrester’s evaluation of online testing platforms so you can choose the right vendor to help you thrive in the age of the customer by using testing and optimization.


Everything You Need to Know About A/B & Multivariate Testing

A/B and multivariate testing delivers insights you can use to deliver optimal web, mobile, and application experiences.