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Treat Your Customers Like Trusted Friends

Personalization Initiatives Driven by Data
Customer data is what drives your marketing initiatives. But it may be living in more than one place. That’s why Oracle Maxymiser can easily ingest any type of data from your CRM, data management platform, web analytics, or any other third-party feed you might be using. That goes for data points or entire profiles that you’ve already built. You’ll be able to easily import data into our platform and start using it for your testing and personalization campaigns.
Built for the Modern Marketer
Our solutions are designed for marketers to take on personalization without the costs of technical resources. Our hands-on control to build creative content will trigger engagement throughout your funnel. Stand out from competition by displaying a message to net new visitors about why your brand is unique. Reduce cart abandonment by triggering pop-ups to visitors who don’t finalize their purchase. Strengthen your business by providing personalized offers to customers who return to your site.
Leave Your Code Alone
No need to stress your IT team. It takes just a single line of code on your site—a one-time deployment which never needs to be touched again—to get you up and running with robust testing, targeting, and personalization algorithms. All this on top of the industry-leading optimization platform.
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The Personalization Playbook

Whether you’re just beginning your personalization program or well on your way to creating an enviable customer experience, this playbook is for you.

Go Beyond The Winner-Fits-All Approach And Start To Personalize For Each Segment
Through a single design interface, marketers have hands-on control to visually create layered content that dynamically captures their visitor’s attention – including dynamic lightboxes, notifications, pop-ups or hidden content. Leveraging Oracle Maxymiser’s testing and targeting capabilities, marketers can connect with their visitors across entire websites and drive them through the purchasing funnel.
Engage Your Visitors At The Right Time With Real-Time Customer Behavioral Triggers
Grab your visitors’ attention at any stage in the purchasing funnel by controlling when and where layered content should be displayed. Oracle Maxymiser lets you customize these triggers based on any action a visitor takes across the website, such as time spent idle on page, mouse out of browser and loss of focus on page.

CXO Buyer’s Guide

Successful CXO requires an optimization platform that supports testing and personalization for web, mobile, and apps with data integration.

White Paper
Maxymiser A/B Testing & Optimization

The Forrester Wave: Online Testing Platforms

Oracle’s Maxymiser received the highest scores for both Current Offering and Strategy among all vendors in The Forrester Wave™: Online Testing Platforms, Q3 2015. Read Forrester’s evaluation of online testing platforms so you can choose the right vendor to help you thrive in the age of the customer by using testing and optimization.


Everything You Need to Know About A/B & Multivariate Testing

A/B and multivariate testing delivers insights you can use to deliver optimal web, mobile, and application experiences.


NotOnTheHighStreet.com Personalizes Experience with Oracle

NotOnTheHighStreet.com uses Oracle Marketing Cloud testing and optimization to test campaigns and optimize customer experiences all the way through the checkout funnel while marketing 170,000 unique products with 30% of them personalized.

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iGame Bases Decisions on Numbers and Facts with Oracle

iGame uses Oracle Marketing Cloud to base decisions on numbers and facts instead of relying on a gut feeling, optimize marketing spend, and test customer experiences while marketing across all their brands at this gaming company.

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Flybe Revenues Soar After Optimizing Online Customer Experiences

Flybe increases the number of bookings on scheduled UK flights by 6.9% after optimizing the online customer experience.

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