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Testing & Optimization

Testing & Targeting

Find what works. And what converts.

Drive Strategic, Continuous Testing Across Your Site
Our solution is the most comprehensive in the industry: launch A/B and multivariate testing and segment traffic so each user can experience any number of variants throughout the sales funnel. You’ll improve the customer journey every step of the way, and you’ll ultimately discover key trigger points that drive transactions and revenue.
Testing and Targeting At Your Fingertips
Oracle Maxymiser offers an intuitive interface designed to work on top of modern website designs such as AJAX, Responsive Design, or Single-Page Applications. You’ll be able to design, tweak, QA, and launch your tests as often as you’d like, and without compromising on functionality. React and respond to emerging data and trends. Adapt to seasonality. Adjust pricing as inventory demands. You name it. Our solution will flex to fit your needs.
Ingest All Your Data and Test the Entire Customer Experience
Pull in customer data from any of your marketing platforms and third-party business sources and then combine it with Oracle Maxymiser’s rich session data to build a complete picture of your customer base, from the moment they hit your home page to when they complete a transaction. The data carries across their entire experience, so you’ll be armed with the right business intelligence to accurately segment and target your audiences and focus on the most profitable opportunities.
Take Your First Steps Towards Personalization
Our testing solution lets you target the high-value visitors with relevant messages and content, while keeping an eye on how to convert the rest of your audience. Oracle Maxymiser provides what you need to go beyond simple A/B and multivariate testing and tailor specific, personalized customer experiences on the fly. You’ll truly engage visitors and transform them into lifetime customers by creating rules that present visitors with the most appropriate offer or other relevant content in a matter of moments.
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Everything You Need to Know About A/B & Multivariate Testing

A/B and multivariate testing delivers insights you can use to deliver optimal web, mobile, and application experiences.

Visually Setup Campaigns without Relying on IT
Oracle Maxymiser’s easy-to-use design interface seamlessly guides marketers through the entire setup and execution of A/B and multivariate testing and targeting. The rich visual editor allows marketers to manipulate any web content and rapidly create an unlimited amount of campaigns without ever touching the code on the web or mobile sites – and most importantly, without compromising on functionality. Oracle Maxymiser provides ease of use along with the power to deliver real business results. 


The Flexibility To Go From Simple to Sophisticated
Oracle Maxymiser’s flexible visual editor supports marketers in every testing initiative for their web, mobile and apps, no matter how simple or sophisticated they might be. Marketers can design A/B and multivariate campaigns directly through the visual editor, or create more complex personalization scenarios with an extensible coding environment that extends Oracle Maxymiser’s testing and targeting capabilities based on your organization’s business needs.


Take Your First Steps Towards Personalization
Integrated in all Oracle Maxymiser’s Testing and Targeting solutions are the fundamentals needed to go beyond A/B and multivariate testing and start tailoring personalized customer experiences. Oracle Maxymiser captures everything you need to know about your visitors from the moment they first enter tour site with a rich set of data that is continuously tracked and stored, including behavioral characteristics, purchase data, geo-location, weather, device type and more. With this in hand, marketers can visually build business rules directly through Oracle Maxymiser’s visual editor and target high profile visitors with content that’s more relevant and meaningful. 


Make Accurate Business Decisions With Fully-Integrated Reporting
Oracle Maxymiser provides intelligent reporting and insights is built on top of the leading, most robust Optimization platform in the industry. You can rest assured that the results from your A/B and multivariate campaigns will be always valid, and always available. Engineered by statisticians, our reporting will automatically indicate when you reach statistical significance and when your campaigns have successfully concluded so that you can confidently make the best business decisions for your web and mobile sites as you optimize!



CXO Buyer’s Guide

Successful CXO requires an optimization platform that supports testing and personalization for web, mobile, and apps with data integration.

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Maxymiser A/B Testing & Optimization

The Forrester Wave: Online Testing Platforms

Oracle’s Maxymiser received the highest scores for both Current Offering and Strategy among all vendors in The Forrester Wave™: Online Testing Platforms, Q3 2015. Read Forrester’s evaluation of online testing platforms so you can choose the right vendor to help you thrive in the age of the customer by using testing and optimization.


Everything You Need to Know About A/B & Multivariate Testing

A/B and multivariate testing delivers insights you can use to deliver optimal web, mobile, and application experiences.


NotOnTheHighStreet.com Personalizes Experience with Oracle

NotOnTheHighStreet.com uses Oracle Marketing Cloud testing and optimization to test campaigns and optimize customer experiences all the way through the checkout funnel while marketing 170,000 unique products with 30% of them personalized.

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Standard Life

Standard Life Uses Testing and Optimisation to Drive CRO

Through web testing and optimization, Standard Life achieved impressive CRO with 217% uplift in click through rates.

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Flybe Revenues Soar After Optimizing Online Customer Experiences

Flybe increases the number of bookings on scheduled UK flights by 6.9% after optimizing the online customer experience.

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