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The Consumer is in Control

This just in: The consumer is in charge of—well pretty much everything. What that means to those in the B2C marketing space is that if you have not already, you might want to think about putting your customers and prospects front and center of everything you do.
The proliferation of channels such as social media and mobile marketing has provided the consumer with unprecedented power and control over a given B2C brand, like yours. What this means to B2C marketers is the stark realization that they are no longer driving the proverbial bus.
Words such as “relevance” and “relationship” have taken on a whole new meaning when it comes to B2C marketing. Consumers today want only marketing messages that are relevant to them. They know full well that you as a B2C marketer have information or in marketing parlance, data, on them.
They expect and demand that you speak to them, not at them; that you use what you know about them to deliver a highly personalized shopping experience across every channel possible. Amazon has been doing this for years, taking what they know about their shoppers and visitors to their website and in turn using that data to personalize their experience and consequently develop relationships with their customers.
Human beings have a tendency to over complicate things and B2C marketing is no different. But if marketers just remember that B2C marketing is all about putting the customer first, things will become a lot less complicated.
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