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Oracle Standalone Cobrowse Cloud Service—Features

Customers, Agents On the Same Page

Oracle Standalone Cobrowse Cloud Service enables agents to see a customer's screen in real time. Solve issues faster, increase revenue per call, and create positive customer interactions on web and mobile channels.

  • Customers launch a cobrowse session from your website within one click. Customer engagement windows display company messaging and branding.

  • A customer has opened a window during a cobrowse session that is masked from the agent’s view. Privacy options include masking of any combination of specific browser and desktop content.

  • The web-based Agent Console can be added to any existing agent desktop or workflow. The agent simply enters a session ID code to connect to cobrowse with a customer.

  • Cobrowse capabilities can be added to a native iOS or Android application to allow cobrowsing within the app content.



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