Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Service

Oracle Service Cloud Tour

Oracle Service Cloud Tour

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Forbes Insights Executive Survey Report

Forbes Insights Executive Survey

Discover what 400+ VPs say about modernizing customer service. Learn their strategies to stay ahead.

The Psychology Behind Customer Service
The Psychology Behind Customer Service

Can understanding psychology improve customer service?

Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Service

Modern Customer Service

Discover how you can equip and transform your contact center for the future.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service Experiences

Can you keep up with rising consumer expectations and proliferating communication channels? You can with Oracle Service Cloud. See how.


Are Your Best Practices Modern

Why Do You Need Modern Best Practice?

Increase business agility. Achieve more, faster, and with less resources. With the following key enablers: the cloud, mobile, social, analytics, the internet of things, and big data, you can transform your business for the future.

Learn more about modern best practice and Modern Customer Service and Modern Customer Service
Modern customer service is all about finding that sweet spot where doing the best by your customers is also doing the best for the business.
– Michele Watson, Senior VP of Customer Care,
Walmart's Next Generation of Customers
Walmart's Next Generation of Customers
The way we built the sustainability index is to improve the sustainability of every product in a category and every category in an aisle. Now, we need to… communicate this to the customer.
– Robert Kaplan, Director of Product Sustainability, Walmart

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