Customer Experience: Part Technology, Part Conviction

Your customer experience (CX) strategy is your great differentiator. To meet demanding customer expectations, you must harness business best practices, adopt smarter processes, and leverage smarter CX technology. Oracle is here to help as a CX platform provider and innovation partner.

What Is Smarter CX? (2:00)

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Smarter CX helps you move from chaos to connection.

Our digital world allows buyers and sellers to transact in new and more efficient ways, creating both connection and chaos. Businesses can connect to their customers almost instantaneously. But while that levels the playing field and enables customers to control their path to purchase, it can seem unpredictable and chaotic.

This shift—along with product commoditization and a steep increase in competition—is leading businesses to focus on their crucial differentiator: CX. Businesses are leveraging advanced CX technology to reduce costs, hit revenue growth goals, and gain a competitive advantage.

To make the move from chaos to connection, CX professionals across all lines of business require an interconnected CX technology platform. A complete CX platform turns unpredictable customer journeys into connected data; disparate customer insights into connected intelligence; and siloed line-of-business activities into orchestrated, connected customer experiences. CX experts need a future-ready, smarter CX platform that enables them to innovate today and predict tomorrow.

Drive Continuous Transformation

One connected CX platform for your entire business.

Oracle’s CX platform helps you prioritize innovation. As the experts in CX technology and cloud IT, Oracle has developed practical artificial intelligence (AI) technology that’s embedded in our CX applications. We focus on simplifying technology decisions and usage so you can focus on innovation and exceed customer expectations.

Connect Data Unify, sync, and augment customer data across the entire customer journey—from awareness to purchase to support to advocacy.
Connect Intelligence Achieve a higher level of customer insight through advanced capabilities like AI, chatbots, the Internet of Things (IoT), and more.
Connect Experiences Power continuous and consistent omnichannel experiences across marketing, sales, service, and commerce—no matter where, when, or how a customer begins the engagement.

Why Partner with Oracle?

Five reasons to consider Oracle’s CX platform.

1. Best-in-Class Applications: The Forrester Wave recently named Oracle the only leader in digital experience platforms.* Oracle has one of the broadest portfolios of best-in-class CX applications available today. With Oracle you have the flexibility to leverage an individual CX application to meet today’s needs and extend to an integrated portfolio tomorrow.

2. Data Is in Our DNA: No one has more experience using data to drive business value than Oracle. Our CX suite uses the industry’s richest dataset available. Oracle CX can append more data and apply identity resolution technology to create better customer profiles than anyone else.

3. Scalable Technology Leadership: Only Oracle owns and stands behind everything from the silicon all the way up to the SLA. Because of this, Oracle’s CX suite has been built to deliver speed and accuracy at scale, securely—in a way that is unmatched in the industry. It also enables the activation of data at the moment it is needed. From owning our data centers to the Oracle Exadata hardware in them, to Oracle Database that runs on Exadata, to Java, to our various applications—we control our technical fate like no other company. That’s how Oracle has maintained leadership in the database world and it’s how Oracle will continue to deliver a smarter approach to CX.

4. Adaptive Intelligence: CX platforms have to adjust to constantly shifting customer data and solve real-world marketing problems. Oracle CX leverages practical, adaptive intelligence that’s purpose-built to drive better business results on the fly.

5. Connected Customer Enterprise: Oracle has a bigger vision beyond CX that’s part of a transformational business trend: the connected customer enterprise. Oracle is the only company that enables you to connect your customer experience applications with ERP and SCM applications, enabling the transformation of your business into a customer-centric enterprise.

All of these areas enable you to leverage data and technology to create those compelling and connected experiences that target the right customers—in just the right way—at just the right time.

*Source: The Forrester Wave, “Digital Experience Platforms, Q3 2017,” September 2017