Field Service Collaboration

A More Connected Workforce

Field employees are more productive when they’re empowered to solve problems independently. Give your mobile workforce context-aware collaboration tools to help them share knowledge, equipment, and parts.

  • Enable dispatchers or managers to easily communicate with mobile employees from the management hub, share job details, and re-assign work with drag-and-drop ease.

  • Enable mobile employees to see job details for proposed new assignments via instant message chat functionality.

  • Empower mobile employees to accept or reject new job assignments and see the impact on their schedule immediately.

  • Leverage context-aware technology to find out who’s nearby, and to quickly see who has the right parts or expertise to help.

  • Make it easy for mobile employees to communicate with one another, reducing the need for multiple wasted trips or dispatch intervention.

Field Service Collaboration

Oracle Field Service Collaboration Cloud Service

  • Empower field employees to self-manage
  • Connect users based on context and location
  • Enable users to focus on business-critical tasks with virtual help desk functionality
  • Preserve a record of all field interactions
  • Drive fast field adoption with familiar chat-based, drag-and-drop functionality