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BigMachines Support

Support Policy for BigMachines' Products



BigMachines customer support services are provided to ensure our customers receive valuable support to address issues in a timely fashion, manage upgrades and test environments, and receive efficient help to run the BigMachines application.

When will support be provided?

Support will be provided to help Customers address Errors and Critical Errors.

An "Error" means any verifiable and reproducible failure of the Application to substantially conform to the specifications set forth in the on line user guide for the services, accessible via the Help menu in http://[customer], as updated from time to time ("User Guide") that is available to the Customer designated BigMachines administrators on the Admin Platform, as may be modified by BigMachines from time to time. The term "Error" shall not include any such failure that is caused by: (a) the use or operation of the Application with any other software or programming languages or in an environment other than that intended or recommended by BigMachines; (b) modifications to the Application not made by BigMachines; and/or c) any bug, defect or error in software used with the Application or any other failure of such software to conform to its specifications.

A "Critical Error" shall include any Error reported by Customer that significantly impairs the Application such that key business processes of Customer that is supported by the Application cannot be conducted and no known work-around is currently available.

How is support obtained?

In the event that Customer desires to report an Error, a Support User shall use BigMachines online Support Center to log a Case with (a) a short description of the Error, (b) a preliminary classification of the Error, and (c) a categorization of the Case as a "Standard Case"; (the "Error Report").

For Critical Errors the Support User shall identify the Case as a "Critical Case" by one of two methods: a) sending an email to; b) logging a case through the online Support Center and marking the case as a "Critical Case".

Who is support available to?

BigMachines shall provide online, email and telephone consultation to the contacts provided to BigMachines in writing by the Customer ("Support Users") regarding Errors. Each Customer shall be entitled to two Support Users unless otherwise specified in the Customer's Purchase Schedule. Customer shall provide a current contact telephone number and e-mail address for such Support Users and ensure that these Support Users are set up with logins to BigMachines online Support Center. BigMachines reserves the right to inactivate Support Users that have not logged in for a period of six months. New and reactivation support login requests and changes to support contacts can be submitted by following the support link on BigMachines website.

When is support available?

Regular online, email and telephone support shall be provided Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (U.S. Central Time for N. America, and Central European Time for Europe), excluding holidays scheduled by BigMachines, subject to modification by BigMachines in its reasonable discretion. BigMachines shall provide online, email, and if appropriate phone support for all Errors, but only be obligated to provide telephone consultation regarding Critical Errors. For Critical Errors, BigMachines staff will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provided that such Critical Errors are reported via a Critical Case or an email to

BigMachines Obligations:

BigMachines shall provide Customer an online Support Center which Support Users can use to (i) report and track Cases (ii) review Solutions to common customer questions and problems (iii) access BigMachines User Forums, (iv) submit, review, and vote for enhancement request on the MyBigIdea portal, (v) access relevant support documentation such as new release notes, and (vi) sign up for training. BigMachines shall respond to any Error Report by generating a support case with a tracking number which will be provided immediately in the online Support Center. BigMachines shall use commercially reasonable efforts to (i) provide support and consultation to help the Customer resolve cases (ii) enable the Customer to track and review case status by posting all written responses to the online case management system that can be accessed by both parties (iii) provide online solution and forums that help Customers address common cases, and (iv) if necessary provide Updates to any Error or Critical Error. The services BigMachines provides shall be rendered in a professional manner in accordance with industry standards. What is not supported?

Support services as described herein do not cover support or services for any failure or defect in the Application that does not constitute an Error or Critical Error as defined previously. Furthermore, BigMachines has no obligation to perform maintenance or services with respect to any hardware or software that is not part of the Application provided by BigMachines. BigMachines shall have no obligation to provide any support services to any person other than a Support User.

What updates and upgrades will be provided?

During the term of an Agreement, BigMachines shall make available to Customer any releases of the Application that correct any defects, error or bugs or incorporates minor enhancements to the functionality ("Updates") and any releases of the Application that incorporate significant additional or improved features, functionality or capability ("Upgrades"), at no additional charge, at the time BigMachines makes such Updates and Upgrades generally available to its other customers then-covered by support. BigMachines will install Updates and Upgrades. Release documentation and web-based training is provided at no charge to the Customer. If Customer requests additional support and/or training related to any Update or Upgrade, Customer agrees to pay professional service fees and reasonable travel and related expenses incurred by BigMachines during such training. Updates and Upgrades do not include new products, suites or modules that are priced and licensed separately from the existing offering that the Customer has a contract for. To request an Upgrade a customer can simply submit a case to BigMachines online Support Center with their desired upgrade timing and if the Customer has purchased a test environment they can request to first upgrade their test environment and later submit an additional case to request a production upgrade. BigMachines will use commercially reasonable efforts to upgrade the customer during their requested upgrade window.

What versions are supported?

BigMachines shall provide support services for the current shipping major version and preceding major version of the BigMachines software application ("Application") including all Updates and Upgrades for those versions. Major versions are typically released once per year and Customer must upgrade to the most current major release of the Application within one year of the date that the major release is made generally available to its other customers then-covered by support.

Planned Maintenance:

Our hosted infrastructure is maintained Friday evenings 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Pacific Time. Maintenance during this window may include hardware and database upgrades and tuning. During this window, your BigMachines application could be unavailable for approximately 20-30 minutes once per month. Other activities such as customer system refreshes and upgrades will be scheduled with the customer in advance.

Support Offerings:

For additional details on our support offerings and the additional support you can obtain via our Premium Support services please see BigMachines reserves the right to revise and update its support offerings from time to time.

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